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Reaksmey Visal

Introduction – 4th February, 2022

Reaksmey Visal is sponsored by Jordan Plumridge from Brisbane, Australia at US$50 per month. Jordan came to Choice for 3 weeks in 2018 as part of a teacher training program via his university. He has now completed his university degree and is working as a … Continue Reading ››

Purple Classroom

The Purple Classroom was sponsored by Mike Lyons of DSI in England at US$2000 per year. They sponsored this classroom for 2019 and 2020. This classroom is our computer classroom and the teacher is Lyda. We are looking for a sponsor for this classroom for 2021.

Pink Classroom

The Pink Classroom was sponsored by Rotary Club of Euroa at US$2000 per year. They sponsored this classroom for 2019-2020. We are looking for a new sponsor for this classroom in 2021. This room is a utility room it serves as our Library and conference room, we also use it for grading students. … Continue Reading ››

Blue Classroom

The Blue Classroom was sponsored by Rotary Club of Claremont at US$2000 per year for 2019-2020. The teacher for this classroom is Srey Nak. The Blue room is now sponsored by Narrabeen Community for 2021. The driving force behind this group is Leanne Balkin, she first came to Cambodia to volunteer with Choice … Continue Reading ››

Math Dara

Introduction – 4th August 2020

Math Dara is sponsored by Nathan McQuay from Phnom Penh at US$50 per month:

Dara is a 10-year-old boy, born in 2010 and lives in No Truck village with his mother and his older sister, who also studies at our school at … Continue Reading ››

Phea Jeak

Introduction – 1st September 2019
Phea Jeak is sponsored by Kong Ly from America at US$50 per month.
Jeak is a 5-year-old boy born in 2014 and lives in Angela village with his parents. His father is a construction worker and his mom is a housewife. He enjoys coming to school on the water truck … Continue Reading ››

Thorn Chen

Introduction - 25th June, 2019

Thorn Chen is sponsored by Rob from England for $50 per month.

Chen was born in 2010. He has one sibling, an older sister who also studies at Choice called Neth. They both live with their grandparents in “No Truck village”. Their … Continue Reading ››

Boeun Kolap

Introduction – 14th February, 2019

Kolap is sponsored by the Matthews Family from Queensland, Australia. Began from 14th February, 2019 at US$50 per month.

Kolap (her first name) born on 8th July, 2007. She lives in No Truck village with her mom who is looking after 5 children alone (her dad suffered a major head injury in … Continue Reading ››

Houn Kanha

Introduction – 9th October, 2017

Houn Kanha is sponsored by Don Rosenfeldt from Sydney, Australia  at US$50 per month. Kanha is a girl born in 2008 and lives in No Truck village with her parents. Her father is a fisherman and her mother is a house wife. She has one younger sister. In the future, she … Continue Reading ››

Art Theara

Introduction – 6th February, 2018

Art Theara is sponsored by Tracey Velthuyzen from Sydney, Australia at US$50 per month.

Theara is an 8 year old girl, born on 17th October 2010 in No Truck village. She most of the time travels to and from Choice school on the Choice water truck and she always has lunch at … Continue Reading ››

Houn Sokheng

Introduction – 6th January 2018

Houn Sokheng is sponsored by from Allan and Muriel Falck from Argentina, beginning from 7th January 2018 at US$50 per month.

Sokheng is a 8 year old boy in kindergarten born on 6th February 2010.His dad is a fisher man and his mom is a housewife. Sokheng has one older brother and … Continue Reading ››

Chanthorn Sonita

Introduction – 5th January 2018

Chanthorn Sonita is sponsored by Natalie and Dom Larosa from Sydney, Australia beginning  from 6th January 2018 at US$50 per month.

Sonita is a 10 year old girl in grade 1 born on 15th December 2007. She has 3 younger brothers and lives with her parents and brothers in Angela village. Her … Continue Reading ››

Thai Kim Mouy

Introduction -  December 2014

Thai Kim Mouy is sponsored by Gerardo Florez from Spain.  Gerardo has been participating with Choice for many years.

Thai Kim Mouy is a 3-year-old girl, born in Angela village on 9th July 2014 (Thai is her family name), she has 3 older sisters and one younger brother. Her father is a construction … Continue Reading ››

Long Devid

Introduction - 19th December, 2017

Devid is sponsored by Clancy and Len from Sydney, Australia began from 20th December, 2017 at US$50 per month.

Long Devid is a 7 year old boy (born in 2010) who lives in No Truck village (Long is his family name). He has one older sister and one younger sister, all of … Continue Reading ››

Heng Lina

Introduction - 23rd October 2017

Heng Lina is sponsored by Kong Ly at US$50 per month.

Lina is a 5-year-old girl from No Truck village. She has no parents (they divorced and left her) and living with her old grandma who has no job. She comes to Choice school by the Choice water truck and really enjoys having … Continue Reading ››

Chea Kanha

Introduction - 11th September 2017

Chea Kanha is sponsored by Neil Burns from Leicester, England at US$50 per month

Kanha started at Choice in kindergarten. She was born in 2012 and she has one older brother and one older sister. Her mom is a housewife and her father is a truck driver. She lives in the last … Continue Reading ››

Park Ratana

Introduction – 1st September 2017

Park Ratana is sponsored by John Michael from USA at US$50 per month:

Ratana is a 5-year-old boy born in 2012 and lives in Angela village with his grandma who is not his real grandma. He has no known parents and Choice provided milk to his grandma when he was a baby … Continue Reading ››

Long Sreynee

Introduction – 31st August 2017

Sreynee is sponsored by Nicole Flanagan from Australia . Nicole pays AU$100/Month. The sponsorship is for only US$50/month but she is happy for Choice to put the rest of the money towards general school expenses.

Sreynee is a 4 year old girl in kinder. Her father is a fisherman and her step … Continue Reading ››


CHOICE finally has a place to call home. After many years searching, we have finally purchased suitable land. Bigger than our current Center area, its approximately 28m x 137m. located nearby and on the Bassac river, and at a bargain price. The purchase on 31st May 2017 was made possible by CHOICE … Continue Reading ››

Donating our Dental Equipment

Being advised to Register and License our Dental Clinic by the Ministry we decided it far better to donate the Dental Chair and associated instruments to "One-2-One" a Cambodian Dental Charity. A properly licensed Khmer NGO that provide Dental care to children through out Cambodia. They have agreed to provide free treatment on two five … Continue Reading ››

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