Chea Kanha

Introduction – 11th September 2017

Chea Kanha is sponsored by Neil Burns from Leicester, England at US$50 per month

Kanha started at Choice in kindergarten. She was born in 2012 and she has one older brother and one older sister. Her mom is a housewife and her father is a truck driver. She lives in the last village (No Truck). She really enjoys coming to school by the Choice Water Truck. Kanha is the most polite and quiet kid in kinder and now she is learning to pronounce and write the English Alphabet.

Neil recently came first in a Cambodian marathon and he put the prize money towards sponsoring Kanha. He has also used previous marathon prize and sponsor money towards sponsoring another child at Choice.

  • Photo was taken on 6th August 2017

  • Neil brought some school materials for Kanha on the day he visited Choice in September 2017.

  • Kanha is in grade 1 and she just got a new set of school uniform.

  • Kanha got new notebooks for grade 1 at government school in 6th November 2017

Kanha is spending her half day learning English at the Choice Center and a half day more learning Khmer at the government school.

Kanha has received some school supplies from her sponsor Neil – 8th September, 2018

Kanha has received a new bag from her sponsor Neil – 18th September, 2019

Kanha is very happy to get some new note books – 10th January, 2019

Kanha has enjoy playing with her friends at our new school – 12th June, 2019
Kanha has received a new set of school uniform – 11th July, 2019
Kanha in her village – December 2020
Kanha with her friend
Kanha with her friends at home