Choice Donations 2024

All Donations are acknowledged below.

(A) indicates the donation was paid into our Australian Charity.

(E) indicates the donation was deposited in our UK Charity.

Month ending January 2024

Donations Received

Faye Colenso AUD$100.00 Australia (A)

Trixty Allot AUD$50.00 Australia (A)

Sally Flanagan AUD$40.00 Australia (A)

Simona Kudishevich AUD$100.00 Australia (A)

Adam Taylor AUD$750.00 UK (E)

John Michael (Ratana Child Sponsor) USD$48.00 USA (E)

Marie Trewella AUD$20.00 Australia (A)

Liz Smith USD$5.00 UK (E)

Month ending February 2024

Donations Receive

Jenny Le Neveu  AUD$500.00 Australia (A)

Liz AUD$388.00 UK (E)

Marie Trewella AUD$20.00 Australia (A)

Trixty Allot AUD$50.00 Australia (A)

Faye Colenso AUD$30.00 Australia (A)

Charity for the extreme poor