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Graduation Celebration 2014

On the 2/06/2014 CHOICE were invited to the Graduation Celebrations of 26 girls that had undertaken the 12 month course at the Open Arms Beauty & Hairdressing School. All but one have jobs waiting for them. CHOICE were represented by Ross Wright and Rachel Prins, Rachel has been assisting the girls in the salon at the CHOICE Center on the girls days off. CHOICE funded the girls accommodation, living costs, fees, language lessons, bicycles and the tools of the trade, as these two girls from the squatters village are from extremely poor families. Prior to this they had no hope of gaining meaningful employment or bettering their lives. Phara and Srey Py are both employed now in Phnom Penh as Hairdressers. It brought tears to our eyes to know of their terrible existance before and see them presented on the night. Now beautiful young skilled and confident young women, able to fend for themselves.
It was a lovely night well organized and presented by Sandra and her husband Grahame Wade from Australia. We thank them and their team for the care and training they have given to the girls. We will be more than willing to send any other Village girls to Open Arms in the future should they want to complete this course.

PharaPhara's Squatter HomePhara & Srey PySrey PySrey Py's Squatter HomeRoss & Phara's Mum with the girls

Jackie Mathis comes to Cambodia

Experienced hairdressor and Salon operator Jackie Mathis from England, came to help us set up the CHOICE Haidressing Salon as well as give training support to our two apprentices for 10 days. Currently the girls Srey Pi and Phara attend the “Open Arms” training school for apprentice hairdressors. Its difficult to get enough volunteers for haircuts in P/Penh, so we used the Villagers and School children as volunteers to practice on. Many thanks Jackie the girls really appreciate your help.

Salon 28Salon 13Salon 23

New Sewing/Hairdressing property

We are expanding, we are now renting the house next to the Choice center. We need a larger sewing room and room for the Hairdressing salon. Pictured is a prospective new manager Lida on the sewing machine, looking on is Arne Flick CFG and staff member. Arne will be co-ordinating the sewing project and will hopefully develop a market in Germany so our girls can work a 40 hour week with good pay and working conditions.


Hairdressing Apprenticeship for two of our Village Girls.

Pictured from left in the first shot is Mariya, the Project 365 accommodation house Manager, with Srey Py and Phara from the Village in Kandal province.
We have just placed Srey Py (20) and Phara (17) with “Open Arms” for a twelve month Hairdressing a
nd Beauty apprenticeship. Our girls will be given a hairdressing and Beauty Kit each for a seperate cost of around US$500 each, this provides all the necessary tools, solutions, dyes etc. The cost of the course is approximately US$250 for each girl not including the kits, and does not include the accommodation or food. This is all being sponsored by the Narrabeen Community NSW Australia.
At the end of the course these girls will be highly skilled and should be able to start their own business, again with help from CHOICE.
They are living nearby at our “Project 365″ accommodation center in Phnom Penh. We have provided them with bicycles, bedding, fans backpacks etc. they will also study English. We take them home at least once a month to visit their family.
Open Arms is a registered NGO in Cambodia and run by Australian founders Sandra & Grahame Wade. They also run courses in Housekeeping and Cooking. Open arms is an organisation that trains underprivileged and rescued young Cambodian people with practical skills, in a loving and caring environment.
Open Arms is beautifully set up with a Hairdressing Salon, Training Salon and The Haven Tea Room that serves food, drinks and home made cakes, if your in Phnom Penh you should drop by to sample their goodies.

From left, Mariya, Srey Pee & ParaDSCN2456DSCN2453DSCN2451DSCN2474DSCN2475