New Apprenticeships for our Boys at JVC

Three boys from our poor villages have begun their Mechanics apprenticeships with JVC in Phnom Penh, English is also taught. CHOICE have provided JVC with a Volunteer English Teacher but they need another, please contact CHOICE if you can help.
Accomodation is provided by JVC food and books etc. are not, these are paid through CHOICE by sponsorship of Lorin and Max from Italy.

Pictured top is Bou Pannha below left is Pannha, Sarith Laoheng, Vot Pannha and one of the teachers. The last picture is the kitchen area and safe storage lockers.

Bou Panha(16y)

The boys with a JVC teacherThe kitchen with Lockers

Birthday/Farewell Dinner

On Saturday night the 21st June we enjoyed a Suki Soup dinner in Phnom Penh with 21 staff and volunteers from CHOICE Cambodia.
The evening was to celebrate the coming birthday of Kasna and say goodbye to Vanny who is leaving us, both events happening on the 26th June.
We wish Vanny all the best with her new career and we don’t want to hold her back, Vanny and Kasna are much loved by us all. Both these girls have worked hard and deserve good jobs, they are perfect examples of what can be acheived in Cambodia if you work hard.
During and after the presentations we all had tears in our eyes, Vanny sobbed, her eyes flooded with tears “this is the best day of my life, no-one has ever given me flowers before”
Both these girls help CHOICE with the accounting work and both will continue to do so, its so much appreciated.
After dinner we were entertained by Vandy and Sal both got up on the stage and sang.
A great night for us all, many thanks to Michael who paid for the meals of all the Khmer, Rachel and Ross for donating the roses and cake.

On the way in a Tuk.Kasna blowing out the candles.Kasna presented with Roses.Vanny presented with roses by Ross.Happy Birthday Kasna/Farewell Vanny.The girls cutting the cake.Vanny with Sal.Lyda presenting Sal with a rose.Dinner guests.

Traditional Apsara Dance Cambodia

While the Medical/Dental clinic is in progress every second Saturday, traditional Cambodian Apsara dance lessons are taught to some of our students at our center outside of Phnom Penh.
Pictured below are the students along with Instructor Puntheary, standing alone on the right. Puntheary is receiving a Scholarship funded by Latrobe University Melbourne through our CHOICE “P365” project. This is her way of paying us back in return for the support we give her, thanks Puntheary.

Learning the dance movements.Learning Apsara dance.

Hand Knitted Baby Outfit

This dear tiny baby boy from Jasmine Village Cambodia is just 10 days old, perfect timing for a new knitted outfit as the day was cold and it was raining. As you can see Mum was delighted to see him dressed in his new outfit. One of many knitted by Scott’s mum from the Narrabeen community in Australia and donated to CHOICE Cambodia, thanks to all.

BeforeAfter being dressed.Now he needs a sleep

Donated Laptops From IFC

Many thanks to IFC (International Finance Corporation) Phnom Penh. Once again they are helping CHOICE to support poor Cambodian children. This time they have donated 7 Lenova ThinkPad X201 laptops, all in excellent working condition (plus some accessories) and not very old. The timing could not have been better as several of our anceint laptops have problems beyond repair. Now we have 16 good working laptops for the students and 2 for the Khmer staff. Pictured below are the laptops and some of the students working with them.

The 7 LaptopsStudents on the new laptopsDSCN3001Students on the new laptopsStudents on the new laptops

Graduation Celebration 2014

On the 2/06/2014 CHOICE were invited to the Graduation Celebrations of 26 girls that had undertaken the 12 month course at the Open Arms Beauty & Hairdressing School. All but one have jobs waiting for them. CHOICE were represented by Ross Wright and Rachel Prins, Rachel has been assisting the girls in the salon at the CHOICE Center on the girls days off. CHOICE funded the girls accommodation, living costs, fees, language lessons, bicycles and the tools of the trade, as these two girls from the squatters village are from extremely poor families. Prior to this they had no hope of gaining meaningful employment or bettering their lives. Phara and Srey Py are both employed now in Phnom Penh as Hairdressers. It brought tears to our eyes to know of their terrible existance before and see them presented on the night. Now beautiful young skilled and confident young women, able to fend for themselves.
It was a lovely night well organized and presented by Sandra and her husband Grahame Wade from Australia. We thank them and their team for the care and training they have given to the girls. We will be more than willing to send any other Village girls to Open Arms in the future should they want to complete this course.

PharaPhara's Squatter HomePhara & Srey PySrey PySrey Py's Squatter HomeRoss & Phara's Mum with the girls