Abandoned Baby

Ratana is a lovely looking three months old boy, his mother has left him because she was raped and does not want him. Ratana is being cared for by a neighbor in the Village and CHOICE are providing Formula milk powder. Initially the neighbor was finding it difficult looking after him and has asked CHOICE to take him, we would not do this. Instead we will get a sponsor and we feel sure the neighbor will continue to care for him. The boy will have a good future growing up in his Village, the Villagers do love him, CHOICE have given him clothing and will ensure all his needs are met.
UPDATE: Many thanks to Natalie & Jon Sharvill, they are sponsoring the abandoned baby below, Ratana, for a regular US$20 per month.  This money will cover the cost of 2 tins of Baby Formula milk powder, enough for two weeks, we need more sponsors to cover the other two weeks plus a little extra.
SEPTEMBER 2012: Suzette & David Abbott from the UK have donated GBP200 for formula milk for Ratana. Together these donations should last until Ratana is 18 months old, many thanks, Ratana is doing really well. The neighbor will keep Ratana now she has support, he is part of their family now and they all love him.

Four Year Scholarship for Putheary

After the separation of her parents Putheary and her sisters and brother’s life changed dramatically. The family moved to a squatter’s village. Being extremely poor and wanting an education for her children, the mother placed them in an Orphanage.

The family hut is on a dusty roadside in Kandal province, about 1 hour outside of Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia. They have no land or property and are one of the 200 families that are helped by CHOICE Cambodia, Choice Family Singapore and Choice Family Germany.

Putheary now 20, speaks English and is an Apsara dance instructor, the traditional Khmer dance. She has successfully completed year 12 and wanted further education.

Putheary and her family are well known to CHOICE, we are at these villagers nearly every day. She was selected to be the recipient of the 4 year scholarship at Norton University, Phnom Penh Cambodia, provided by LaTrobe University Melbourne, Australia.

On the 28th August she registered with Norton University and will commence her first semester in late October 2012. Putheary will attend the College of Arts, Humanities and Languages, which offers a four year academic program in education, majoring in English.

The scholarship provides the funding of fees, books, uniforms and incidentals such as travel. Putheary and the CHOICE family are extremely grateful to LaTrobe University and Mr. Robert Wightman of Norton University, many thanks. We believe that Putheary is a very worthy person to have received this Scholarship.  


A Field Trip with IFC Staff

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Staff, Phnom Penh, joined with CHOICE Cambodia on Wednesday the 29th of August on a special supply/medical trip.

The day began at 7.30am at the IFC headquarters where we met up with the IFC staff and headed off to the CHOICE Center.

An hour later we were all packing supplies and some 400 items of clothing. IFC staff had paid for the children’s lunch, 8 x 50kg bags of rice, 9 x 1kg tins of baby formula milk, the days medical supplies, and various other grocery items. IFC staff are also donating US$320 for baby formula milk.

Whilst our medical team were seeing to many Village patients, the rest of us went out to the Village and distributed the supplies to each family. When finished, we went back to the center for lunch followed by games with the children. We met Reksa the cleft pallet baby, her mum and dad.  She has fully recovered from her operation and is doing very well.


In the afternoon we headed off to another Village to deliver more supplies and clothing. We also had a chance to meet up with a young boy needing urgent heart/spinal surgery. IFC staff and CHOICE are arranging a consultation with a local hospital to see what can be done to save this boys life. IFC have committed US$500 towards his treatment.

Many thanks from CHOICE to the staff of IFC Phnom Penh, for their help and financial support.