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Bicycle mechanics workshop 2

Terry from Wheelies Bikes in the UK, visited the Choice center last year and kindly shared his extensive knowledge of bike mechanics with boys Sok Long and Sing Lee.

This year he is back again (4th March 2016) and has kindly done another workshop, this time with boys Mengly (in red top), Kimsour and Narin.

There are quite a lot of bicycles at Choice these days, as many bicycles have been donated to the children. Not surprisingly some are now in need of a bit of TLC (tender loving care). Four bikes in need of repairs were used by Terry to teach repair and maintenance skills with the 3 boys.

Well done again Terry. We hope to see you again next year for workshop number 3 🙂





1 more bike donated

John from America recently visited Phnom Penh in Cambodia for the first time. He bought a cheap second hand bicycle for $35 from St 107, near St 182. This proved to be a convenient and fun way for him to explore Phnom Penh and avoid the costs and hassles of using motos and tuk tuks all the time. Then when he left, he donated it to Choice to be given to one of the kids. So that worked out well for both him and Choice.  Thanks John.



We are extremely grateful to have been given another 20 pushbikes from “Bikes 4 Life” to hand out to our needy children, many thanks to all those involved. This time we have made a presentation in two lots of 10 bikes as we are out of storage space.

DSCN3561DSCN3560 DSCN3554

Bicycle mechanics workshop

Terry from Wheelies Bikes in the UK, visited the Choice Center recently and kindly shared his extensive knowledge of bike mechanics with boys Sok Long and Sing Lee. They totally stripped down a bicycle and rebuilt it learning useful skills such as puncture repairs, changing various parts, removing and adding chain links and much more. It seems these two very enthusiastic boys will now help keep the recently donated bicycles in good working order. Well done Terry.



4 more bikes donated

These 4 Aussie guys, usually drilling in central Queensland, took a day off from their holiday in Cambodia to visit the kids at the Choice centre. They brought with them 4 bicycles to give away to 4 lucky children. These children were chosen for their good attendance record. They were pretty happy kids! Many many thanks to Damien Lagos, Joshua Myatt, Matty Bressington and Andrew Hynes for your generous gift.


Donated Bikes

Many thanks to “Bikes 4 Life” for donating 25 bicycles to the CHOICE Children. Thanks to CCF and Leanne Balkin and all other organizations involved in organizing this.

Because we have more than 100 students we will present a bike to the students that have the best attendance record and live furthest from our school. Besides providing transport its a great incentive for these kids to attend school as they are from extremely poor squatter families.

Srey Peck will be the first as she has an excellent attendance record and lives far away, presentation pictures of this will be shown as they are handed out.


Motorbike for Channy

CHOICE have been supporting Channy and his devistated family for several years now. Since mum broke her neck and was unable to walk Channy has cared for her. His Uncle Savart lives with them, he has severe leprosy, sadly his wife has recently left him. Now there is no one able to work, we have managed to get Channy into final year of High School by paying for extra tuition. We hope to employ Channy with CHOICE as a driver, in order for him to get to and from driving lessons we have purchased this secondhand motor bike and presented it to him during Khmer New Year 2014.




Pictured are a group of dirt bikers from NSW Australia, these generous guys have donated $1500 to build a toilet block of 4 toilets at the local Government Primary School in Cambodia. The school recently accepted 90 of our Village kids which bumped up the attendance numbers at the school to well over 500 children. They had 2 toilets, the school does not have money to build more, nor does the Education Department so we offered to help. A regular volunteer with CHOICE, Leanne Balkin asked for help from her brother Tony, hence the organization of an event and the donation from the “Nuggets Dirt Bikers”. The toilet block is now finished and in use, the cost was just under US$1,600.00. The children and all of us at CHOICE thank you all for your help.
  DSCN2193  DSCN2194

One of the twin babies is very sick.

As promised we donated a bike with a pillion seat to the older boys of the twins family to get them to and from school. The family is still unable to get to the hut we built, as you can see from the picture, the muddy track is still underwater but receding.
Sambo is very sick with a breathing problem so he will be admitted to the Kuntha Bopha Childrens Hospital this Monday for treatment. No meals are provided at the Hospital so we will pay for the families meals, transport, medicine and whatever else is needed.