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Ryta Rith

Dear little Ryta has just undergone more surgery for the horrific burns she received some years ago. The operation was successful and now her parents are bringing her in for dressing changes 3 times a week. The total procedure will cost around US$800 this time and is funded through CHOICE by Josie & Bruce Harvey from Australia, many thanks to them.



One of the twin babies is very sick.

As promised we donated a bike with a pillion seat to the older boys of the twins family to get them to and from school. The family is still unable to get to the hut we built, as you can see from the picture, the muddy track is still underwater but receding.
Sambo is very sick with a breathing problem so he will be admitted to the Kuntha Bopha Childrens Hospital this Monday for treatment. No meals are provided at the Hospital so we will pay for the families meals, transport, medicine and whatever else is needed.

Recent News and Updates

Sokha and Channy are still housed at V.I.C. we visit  them twice a week and still give them money for food, supply Sokha with diapers and any other incidentals. Progress for Sokha is slow but she is trying so hard to improve her situation, Channy has learnt how to help her with her exercises. Sokha has gained slight movement in her right hand side, her main problem still is dizziness when she sits upright. The longest she has been able to sit in the wheelchair is about one hour. She may go home in a week with a borrowed wheelchair until hers is ready.

The three year old burn victim boy is still in Hospital, the main reason being his neck has not fully healed and is still weeping as well he has an infection on top of his right shoulder. He is in good spirits, and can walk around the Hospital, we are still giving them money for food etc.

Last Sunday on the Village trip we encountered a very distressing situation. We arrived at a grass hut to find a mother with 2 week old twin boys, she was weeping and being comforted by local village women, she is struggling to breast feed the two babies and wondering what to do with them.

In the next hut was another young mother with an eight day old baby girl. She told our interpreters “don’t worry about me I’m OK, please help the lady with the twins next door”. We gave her a baby kit donated by Leanne.

Back with the twins mother, we learnt that her partner had deserted the family. They had been staying with relatives but the relatives could no longer afford to keep them so they had to leave. They moved into this unoccupied grass hut, they have no money, no food, no work and no property and 2 babies they can’t feed properly. We had to refuse when she  asked us to take her twin babies as this is against our policy. We told her  CHOICE  will help them and gave some supplies to keep them going until we could return.

Two days later we returned with a 50kg. bag of rice, 2 tins of baby formulae milk, safe drinking water to mix with the baby milk powder, mosquito net cover for the babies, adult clothing, baby clothes and kits containing bibs, mittens, bottles, booties etc. donated by Leanne. Also baby blankets etc. that were donated by Natalie and a few other items.

We established there are 6 in this family, Grandma, and the mother with the twin babies has two other young sons.

Can you sponsor this desperate family, CHOICE will continue to support the family in every way we can until a sponsor comes along.

UPDATE: We now have 2 sponsors for this family, you can see their names etc. on the page “Major Choice Supporters”


Today 21st July CHOICE went to all the Villages with khmer P.S.I. staff for final talks with the Village women re Birth Control. Somewhere between 30-40 women want to take advantage of this. The implant/injection lasting around 5 years seems to be the most popular. The final stage of this depends on PSI but we are hoping to have the implants placed soon. CHOICE are paying for the cost of transport to bring the women into the clinic as well as the cost of the procedure.

Our nurse Kunthea and the other volunteers also gave out worming tablets and safe drinking water to 55 children in the middle village.

Also today we brought a sick young girl and her auntie back to Phnom Penh with us for blood tests, the girls mother and father have passed away.  We gave her some new clothes and her auntie gave her a good clean up. We will pay for their accommodation and food while we wait for the results, and any treatment which may be required, then we will take them back to the Village. Thanks today to Sandi, Bill, PSI and all the others in the past that have helped us with these projects.

Finally we would like to report that we have started on the building in the furthest Village, the foundation pillars are in. (see photo) This is a 4mx6m building to be used for education, temple and community events.

UPDATE: The authorities have made us pull down the school building mentioned above, hopefully they will not stop our teachers from teaching Khmer to the children.


Village Trip Sunday 28th November

We thank June Burton, John Conner, Sarah Saxon for their donation of baby/children’s clothes which we handed out on Sunday the 28th Nov. at the Village, some who received the clothes are shown in the pictures below. We also thank Tad for bringing the clothes to P/Penh and Rhonda for the pictures previously taken of some of the Villagers, we will hand these out next trip. The mothers of the twins were also given their supply of powdered milk. Entertainment was provided by Robert, balloon tying and Michael for running the drawing class, we thank them for their help. Eighty five food bags were handed out and our nurse Kunthea provided minor medical treatment. We checked on the two sick babies from the previous trip (pictured) and both the parents had taken their babies to the Children’s Hospital for treatment with the money we had given them, both babies are now well.


If you have been following our posts you will be sad to hear that one of the baby twins has died. CHOICE had received verbal support and empty promises from several people for Formulae Milk Powder, only one person came forward with a generous donation, Hamish Mckinlay and that was very much appreciated. Our resources are stretched to the limit, “we cannot feed babies with empty promises”. A 1kg tin costs around $10 and a baby will consume  over 2 tins per month, please donate for one or more tins get others to pitch in with you and tag your donation ” Baby food”.  If you are in Phnom Penh you can come with us on the trip and hand it over yourself.  Lets hope the next update regarding the remaining twins is a happy one.

Update: Hamish Mckinlay has donated US$360.00 for the babies formulae milk powder to add to his previous donation of US$180.00 for them, “Thanks Hamish”. Others have now come forward Julie & Colin Werrett have asked that AUD$100 of their donation is for the milk also the “Gentlemen’s Poker League” from Melbourne are supporting the babies and Krystle Haughney (EUR 82.00)  from Europe. Thank you all for your support, we have enough funding now for these lovely babies, watch this  site for picture and updates.

28th November: Added at the lower right are some pictures taken on the village trip on Sunday the 28th November of the twins and the surviving twin baby. They are pictured with mum receiving their regular supply of Formulae milk, all appear to be healthy now.

More Twin Babies in the Village

Choice Cambodia Sunday 26th September, we suppled tarps to 2 families. Shown in the picture is one of the tarps donated to a very poor family, it will also allow better catchment for drinking water in the wet season, as well as allowing those inside to remain dry when it pours, we also donated a mosquito net to them. This is the family where Angela is fostering the 12yo. girl from. We bring the girl back here nearly every 2 weeks for a family visit. Also pictured is our nurse Kunthea firstly explaining to the mother of the twins, how to mix the baby powder and in the other Kunthea is shown tending to a patient. CHOICE would like to thank Camlin and Preston Goodell from Texas USA we have been waiting for those pictures, anyway thank you for your generous donation. Would you believe we have another set of new born twin babies in the Village, they also have the same problem, mother cannot supply enough milk for 2 babies, we need a generous person to donate powdered milk for a year or so. Please is there anyone else, or a group that can provide this for one baby (US$360).

New Born Twins, Formular Milk, Update

Some of you will recall the twin boys born 5 hours before our arrival at the Village on Sunday the 20th June. Mum can’t keep up the supply of milk to both babies and because of this one is sick in Hospital. Is there anyone out there who will donate US$10 a month to provide milk formular on a regular basis for one year to help these twins, we would keep you updated on their progress. If you can then tag your donation “Baby Formular” via paypal on our website, thanks.
An update from the earlier request for donors to come forward and supply formular milk, desperately needed by the mother for one of the of new twin boys now in Hospital. Thanks to Hamish McKinlay who immediately offered to supply the formula milk for 1 year. This however I was told this is not enough formula milk, one baby will use twice that amount. A big thank you to Hamish, now this baby will  leave Hospital soon and re-unite with the family now that mum has this support.