Village Trip Sunday 28th November

We thank June Burton, John Conner, Sarah Saxon for their donation of baby/children’s clothes which we handed out on Sunday the 28th Nov. at the Village, some who received the clothes are shown in the pictures below. We also thank Tad for bringing the clothes to P/Penh and Rhonda for the pictures previously taken of some of the Villagers, we will hand these out next trip. The mothers of the twins were also given their supply of powdered milk. Entertainment was provided by Robert, balloon tying and Michael for running the drawing class, we thank them for their help. Eighty five food bags were handed out and our nurse Kunthea provided minor medical treatment. We checked on the two sick babies from the previous trip (pictured) and both the parents had taken their babies to the Children’s Hospital for treatment with the money we had given them, both babies are now well.