Classroom Extension

Needing to expand we asked volunteers to help add an extra room at the back of the sewing building. Tony Sheperd volunteered to build it, in memory of a friend that recently passed away, he also offered to pay for most of the work. With assistance from David, Peter, Dave and Tee the floor space was increased and built up with extra concrete. Soon the walls, doors and windows were in place. Now it needs floor coverings and electrical wiring, a job well done and thanks to all.
We intend to shift the sewing room into here and utilize the front room for our medical clinic, German classroom and hopefully install a dental chair for volunteer dentists.

Teaching HTML

Pictured is Holger Meuss, he has volunteered to teach our computer students HTML at the CHOICE Center. We were unable to get the internet connected in time for these lessons but we hope to have it on soon. Holger has managed to teach the children enough so thay have successfully made a basic webpage using HTML code. Many thanks Holger, we now have another volunteer teacher to follow on Rob, he will further their training and soon we will have internet. Arne from CFG will provide webspace for the PC class. The children will soon be designing better quality web sites of their own, many thanks to all that have been involved.
Please click on the link to open, under the photo are two links to the pages of 2 of the kids, please have a look at their efforts. so far.


Fighting Against Leprosy

I have been helping Savuth on a monthly basis for nearly 2 years now. He has severe Leprosy and cannot walk, his hands are no good and he has eye problems as well. We arranged to have his worst leg amputated some months ago and now he is ready for his first artificial leg. We have taken him to the Leprosy Hospital and together with Veterans International an artificial leg has been fitted for the cost of $2.50. The low charge is because Savuth does not have any money or property, he survives mainly with the help of CHOICE. Now we are providing him with daily food money at the Hospital, and an electric kettle to heat water for his breakfast noodles. Its been over a decade since he last walked, and its only a few meters now with the aid of his wheelchair. After just a few paces he was exhausted, but he is a fighter and will master his problems.  Ross Wright
DSCN2305 DSCN2303 DSCN2304

A Donation from Young Chinese Students.

The followiing is a moving story from Nuala McCoy:
Hi, my name is Nuala McCoy and am I PYP Year 5 teacher at Eton House China. I used to live and work in Phnom Penh and have told my students about Cambodia as part of of their studies in their previous unit of inquiry. They investigated the CHOICE website and felt quite moved. My students have spent the last 2 months raising money for Cambodian kids during their breaktimes and lunchtimes. They decided that they could take action and do something to help. The plan was to raise money to donate to Choice in order to help these children. They did this by donating small items of stationary etc for a lucky draw. The other Eton House students bought tickets. The tickets sold for 3 quai each. (about 60 cents) The students raised about 2000 quai (or chinese renmibi) equals about US$300.00.
Many thanks Nuala to you and all your students in China from all of us at CHOICE Cambodia, your donation is extremely valuable to all our children.
2012-09-26 09_07_01

1st Year Celebration of the CHOICE Center

On the 5th & 6th of January 2013 CHOICE Cambodia, along with Choice Family Germany and Choice Family Singapore celebrated the 1st year at the CHOICE Center.

Over 500 people and children attended to enjoy food, soft drinks and many other activities. Live music presentation with the children organized by Mr. Syed “Oneheartbeat”, Kindergarten classes, Sewing with Arne, Computer, Craftwork with Madam Velu, and presentation of the Moonlight project with solar lights to the Village representatives. A most enjoyable weekend.

DSCN2235 DSCN2248 DSCN2264

                    Angela & Rudi front.                      Mr. Syed conducting.                           Group photo.