Soem Sreynoy

Introduction - 18th January 2016 Soem Sreynoy is sponsored by Gerado Flores from Spain at $50 per month: Soem Sreynoy is 6 years old and studies in the CHOICE Center kindergarten. She was born in February 1st 2010 being one of twin girls. Sadly her twin sister died of the plague that swept Cambodia "Hand, Foot & … Continue Reading ››

Yorn Chanthou

Introduction - 18th August 2015 Yorn Chanthou is sponsored by Noémie and Pascal Mettaz from Switzerland at GBP37 per month: Chanthou is the youngest member of the family, she has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Chanthou thinks she was born in 2005 but not sure when. This is not uncommon to know when you were born as … Continue Reading ››