Makara Davuth

Introduction – 4th September 2022

Makara Davuth is sponsored by Jonno Smalley from the UK at US$50 per month. Jonno was previously sponsoring Yeng Somnang.

Davuth is a 9 years old boy born in 2014 and lives near the Choice School and he always rides his bike to school. He is currently in grade 1 at Choice after attending Choice kindergarten previously. He has been coming to Choice since 2019 but his education has been hampered due to the covid pandemic. He is in grade 2 at government school. He spends half a school day at Choice and the other half at government school. His father is a blacksmith and his mother is a factory worker. He also has an older brother. He likes playing football and he wants to be an office worker when he grows up. He always helps his mother with chores at home such as washing the dishes and washing clothes.

Davuth in his grade 1 English class
Davuth is already writing simple words

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