Choice Donations 2014

All online and overseas Donations are acknowledged below, donors in Phnom Penh are issued with a receipt, so only their total monthly value is shown on this page.

Please click here to view our Financial information on the UK Charity Commission site.

Month ending December 2014

Donations Received


Liz Smith   £5.00 GBP    Chester Uk

Richard Keith Jones   GBP£80.00  Wales

G. Hoedemaker  GBP£38.94   Holland

Alpini Massimillian (JVC)  GBP£93.46   Italy

G. Romandy (Sambart)  GBP£20.00    Australia

Stephen Hoffort   GBP£20.00    Canada
Alex Deakin   GBP£70.00   UK
Gemma Orrock    GBP£5.00   UK
Liz Smith   £10.00 GBP    Chester Uk
*Apache Group
*Manfred & Toxi   $497  Germany
*Andreas & Bea     $1097  Thailand
*Kai                                $600    Thailand
*Sabine Reiser         $36       Thailand
*Susi Floesser          $717    Germany
Miguel Diaz Mas   $1500   Spain
Debbie Wines   AUD$100.00   Australia
Antolin Garcia Gonzalez  $120  Spain
Robert Schmidt   £23.23   UK
Charities Trust     £2.00    UK
Cheque Holywell   £50.00   UK
DSI LTD.  IT- TEACHER  GBP£200.00 England.
Kevin & Teresa Burston  £65.00  UK
Georgia’s Children of the World  GBP£500.00   UK
HolappaTimo Pette   GBP£306.53
Receipts issued in Phnom Penh: Total (14) US$322.00

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