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Birthday/Farewell Dinner

On Saturday night the 21st June we enjoyed a Suki Soup dinner in Phnom Penh with 21 staff and volunteers from CHOICE Cambodia.
The evening was to celebrate the coming birthday of Kasna and say goodbye to Vanny who is leaving us, both events happening on the 26th June.
We wish Vanny all the best with her new career and we don’t want to hold her back, Vanny and Kasna are much loved by us all. Both these girls have worked hard and deserve good jobs, they are perfect examples of what can be acheived in Cambodia if you work hard.
During and after the presentations we all had tears in our eyes, Vanny sobbed, her eyes flooded with tears “this is the best day of my life, no-one has ever given me flowers before”
Both these girls help CHOICE with the accounting work and both will continue to do so, its so much appreciated.
After dinner we were entertained by Vandy and Sal both got up on the stage and sang.
A great night for us all, many thanks to Michael who paid for the meals of all the Khmer, Rachel and Ross for donating the roses and cake.

On the way in a Tuk.Kasna blowing out the candles.Kasna presented with Roses.Vanny presented with roses by Ross.Happy Birthday Kasna/Farewell Vanny.The girls cutting the cake.Vanny with Sal.Lyda presenting Sal with a rose.Dinner guests.

Second Birthday of the CHOICE Center

On 3rd January 2014 we celebrated our second Birthday of the CHOICE Center. About 200 attended being 170 children and the rest made up of Staff and Volunteers. We decided to limit the celebration and not include the Villagers as it was too much work last year for the cooks and cleaner.
We had a lucky draw with about 20 prizes and special awards for the best achievers. Everyone had a great day and there was an extra celebration as it was Vanny’s birthday.


1st Year Celebration of the CHOICE Center

On the 5th & 6th of January 2013 CHOICE Cambodia, along with Choice Family Germany and Choice Family Singapore celebrated the 1st year at the CHOICE Center.

Over 500 people and children attended to enjoy food, soft drinks and many other activities. Live music presentation with the children organized by Mr. Syed “Oneheartbeat”, Kindergarten classes, Sewing with Arne, Computer, Craftwork with Madam Velu, and presentation of the Moonlight project with solar lights to the Village representatives. A most enjoyable weekend.

DSCN2235 DSCN2248 DSCN2264

                    Angela & Rudi front.                      Mr. Syed conducting.                           Group photo.