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Pachem Dental Clinic Phnom Penh

Many thanks to Evelien and the Khmer staff and management of Pachem Dental Clinic. Fifteen of their dental staff donated their time to care for our people on Saturday the 23rd of November at our center in the province.
Over 100 were examined resulting in 66 treatments, 57 being children 9 adults. A total of 37 teeth were extracted; teeth were cleaned and fillings were done. Follow up work will be conducted by Dr. Evelien Hoedemaker in the coming weeks at our clinic. Our clinic has turned out to be a great success as people that turn up for medical treatment often are there for dental reasons. We can treat them immediately, these people cannot afford a visit to the dentist.


Our New Dental Facility

In the past we have had valued dental care for our children firstly from “Shigeta Dental Clinic” then the “Kids International” team. Their help is extremely valued by us but their work is limited to children. We often wished for having a dental facility of our own to help all the Villagers. One day recently a volunteer Guiseppe Troisi mentioned he may be able to arrange a dental chair for us. Guiseppe has contacts in Malaysia and through a friend Ravi, he arranged for the dental chair, portable scaler and portable suction unit. These were all donated by Dr. Sean Paul DMSM from “Living Well Healthcare” Malaysia. Dr. Sean paid for the chair and freight and sent a Dental Technician R. Mowindran from Entwickeln Enterprise Maylasia to install the equipment. Many many thanks to Dr. Sean Paul and Mowindran, Ravi , Guiseppe, Kasna,  Quek Sue Yian, Jasmine Haneef & Patricia Limand and all others for their help and support. The next stage is to seek out volunteer Dentists to provide short or long term dental treatment. The unit weighed 200kg. we had to lift it on and off our water truck, it was very heavy.

Classroom Extension

Needing to expand we asked volunteers to help add an extra room at the back of the sewing building. Tony Sheperd volunteered to build it, in memory of a friend that recently passed away, he also offered to pay for most of the work. With assistance from David, Peter, Dave and Tee the floor space was increased and built up with extra concrete. Soon the walls, doors and windows were in place. Now it needs floor coverings and electrical wiring, a job well done and thanks to all.
We intend to shift the sewing room into here and utilize the front room for our medical clinic, German classroom and hopefully install a dental chair for volunteer dentists.

Friday 27th July at the Shigeta Dental Clinic Phnom Penh

Here are some pictures of the Village children’s visit to the Dentist, Dr. Shigeta. We had 14 children in the minibus, and headed off to  Phnom Penh. It was very lucky for the children as it was the grand opening of the clinic, there was plenty of finger food and fruit to be enjoyed. After eating as much as possible the children were given a toothbrush each, brushed their teeth then had their details recorded and then an oral examination. More dental work will follow, many thanks to Dr. Shigeta and staff for their support.