Ryta Rith

Dear little Ryta has just undergone more surgery for the horrific burns she received some years ago. The operation was successful and now her parents are bringing her in for dressing changes 3 times a week. The total procedure will cost around US$800 this time and is funded through CHOICE by Josie & Bruce Harvey from Australia, many thanks to them.




CHOICE Staff sixteen in total, received two sets of uniforms each. They were designed and made by our girls in the sewing room, the colour was also chosen by the staff. They all look very smart and they are happy to have uniforms.



Donated Baby Knitwear

Mrs Val Armstrong, related to our friends from the Narrabeen Community in New South Wales, has kindly knitted and donated several baby outfits pictured below. The parents and Villagers were delighted to see the babies dressed in the outfits. The parents were so happy to receive them especilly with the colder weather coming on, many thanks.
DSCN2403 DSCN2404 DSCN2408

Jewellery Sacks

Made from silk in the CHOICE sewing room by our sewing students. We intend to find wholesalers to market these sacks, they can be used for “Jewellery Sacks” or “Favor Bags” This is part of our first order for a wholesaler jeweller in Germany. If you know of any persons or companies that may be interested in ordering large quantities to help these underprivileged Khmers, please let us know.
IMG_1314 IMG_1317 IMG_1316

West Coast Coaching USA

A massive thank you to the families and organizations that are associated with Coach Bav and West Coast Coaching from the USA. Through their generous donations and a Bake Sale organized by Madison Bankosh and the Wildcats soccer team ($500) CHOICE Cambodia will be able to provide ongoing family assistance of medical supplies, rice and education for two years for one family in desperate need.
We thank – Westside Mortgage, Mekechuk Family, Adams Family, Marte Forminio, The Halladays, Moore Family, Madison’s Grandfather, Keady Family, Wildcats Team.
Westcoast coaching