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Jewellery Sacks

Made from silk in the CHOICE sewing room by our sewing students. We intend to find wholesalers to market these sacks, they can be used for “Jewellery Sacks” or “Favor Bags” This is part of our first order for a wholesaler jeweller in Germany. If you know of any persons or companies that may be interested in ordering large quantities to help these underprivileged Khmers, please let us know.
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Distribution of Schoolbags Tennis Shoes at the Village

Many thanks to both Singapore International Foundation and Neville O’grady from New Futures Organization (NFO) for donating 54 pair of tennis shoes and the same number of schoolbags. They were  distributed  over the last two trips to the most needy at the village. On the trip on the 1st August Sabina Stelting donated 10 ducklings  to two very poor families, we hope they will reach maturity to supply eggs and not just be eaten.  But when food and money is scarce for these people it is highly likely these ducklings will not last long. thanks Sabina. Also Jim Kearney is seen in the picture performing a Thai massage treatment with a wooden hammer and peg, this treatment is called Toksen and is used to release muscular tension. Our regular child entertainers were there Melanie with songs and dancing and Mark doing his magic, balloon tying and juggling all very much appreciated by the children. Rudy and nurse Kunthea were kept busy with there clinic. Thanks to Michael who has been on a couple of our trips in the past, another happy day for all.