Choice Cambodia NGO Sponsors


CHOICE UK (CC) & Australia (CFA): are sister organizations of CHOICE Cambodia NGO, their main aim is to raise funds for the CHOICE Cambodia NGO programs. Funds are mainly raised through Donor Debits and PayPal.

RIO NORD Germany: a computer and web hosting company in Hamburg. The CEO of Rio Nord is always looking for ideas to help with sustainability for the poor in Cambodia. They have also been involved in the creation of Choice Family Germany CFG and we are very happy to have their support. The CHOICE website host is RIO NORD who provide this service to us free of charge.

ALCOCHEM MINERALS: Netherlands: Each month this company is funding the water run. They sponsor  the “Safe Water Deliveries” plus the transport of students for school and return home daily. They have been doing this since 2012, we thank  Alcochem Minerals very much for their long term support.

JULIE WILSON: Australia: Julie, Tony and Julie’s Mother  sponsor Ryta Rith. Ryta suffered horrific burns when she fell bottom first into a pot of boiling sugar water, her parents are very poor. Now we can help provide for Ryta’s needs, many thanks to the Wilson family.

CHOICE FAMILY GERMANY: Our  friends from Germany also decided to form a sister organization and work closely with us, CFG are a registered organization in Germany and provide much funding for CHOICE CAMBODIA NGO.

GEORGIA’S  CHILDREN  OF  THE  WORLD:  An English Charity founded by Steve Murray after the tragic loss of his daughter. Steve has been supporting us for some time now with funds he raises from concerts. We look forward to continued involvement with GCW as we share similar goals.

CHOICE  FAMILY AUSTRALIA:   Sister organization of CHOICE CAMBODIA NGO, CFA main aim is to raise funds for the CHOICE Cambodia programs. Funds are mainly raised through Donor Direct Debits and PayPal.

CAMBODIAN RICE RUN: An Australian Charity that fund our school children’s lunch’s with fruit through their program “Lunch’s with Love.” This program is much appreciated and provides our students with the best meal of their day.

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