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On April 30th , 2016 Angelique Mawson an avid ice hockey player and coach from New Zealand co-ordinated a fund-raising Charity Game for the benefit of the CHOICE Cambodia non-profit Charity.

Over 40 players jumped at the chance to be a part of this very good cause and get out on the ice in support of this charity.  Many spectators also came to watch. The team uniforms were chosen specifically as Cambodian colours Blue and Red and the teams were made up of players from the local Christchurch region adults of all ages and levels.  The players had a great time and were full of smiles enjoying their sport whilst raising money for a very worth cause.

$USD500 was raised in New Zealand and Angelique visited us in June 2016 at the CHOICE centre to present the money which will go towards school uniforms for the students.  Angelique plans to run this event on an annual basis with the proceeds coming to CHOICE Cambodia.13062147_10153911422362107_1607482367050268216_n 13062414_10153911421482107_8337959719118075908_n 13076846_10153911422302107_221444085036024753_n 13082728_10153911422487107_8916371694088076068_n 13083260_10153911421477107_6802927556713345142_n 13094202_10153911414782107_4995556145061306948_n 13095817_10153911422442107_3848120008542224591_n 13096241_10153911423787107_5850381705421563670_n 13102730_10153911407537107_1409997437101459022_n 13102867_10153911397612107_6358928065734077652_n 13103443_10153911422072107_5856305478987340660_n 13103446_10153911422147107_5136011960993905089_n 13103480_10153911486722107_4920362419361551555_n 13118835_10153911412967107_3589418644502847509_n 13119000_10153911417607107_311913557382611790_n 13133116_10153911422727107_1891479769608433260_n 13133223_10153911423772107_8982948183924615036_n 13139342_10153911481347107_8741111206480081158_n


 Our poor old outdoors kitchen has served us well, over 100,000 meals provided to our 200+ students over the last few years. We have propped it up but soon it will fall over, we need about US$2500 to rebuild or there will be no meals and therefore no school.

Financially its a real struggle, we have recently had to close several programs, Medical and Dental clinics, birth control, formula milk, the sewing room will close and new apprenticeships for boys is on hold due to lack of finances.

I realize the problems with fundraising, as myself and family have all had separate fundraising events in the past. We can’t keep asking the same friends to keep fundraising, as many of you have done in the past. Our friends and family get tired of the regular requests for financial help.

So in order to find better ways to raise extra funding we established “Sponsor a Child” and created “CHOICE Family Australia” but its not working.
We need our supporters to market and promote these two programs as we survive without any major sponsors or Government support. “Sponsor a Child” details can be found on the following link:


“CHOICE Family Australia” was registered and developed to attract small direct debits of a few dollars per pay upwards from Australians. Paid regularly into our Australian Bank account this money is to provide our senior students with Scholarships or Apprenticeships as needed.


Please help Ross Wright.


Village Trip 27th February 2011

This was a special trip, apart from the regular volunteers and Rick, the rest of the volunteers were Melanie’s  (CHOICE Trustee) family. Fourteen year old sister Katie Edelson had done a charity fundraiser for CHOICE  as a Girl Scout project back in the US.  She purchased 7 bags of rice, 4 x 8’x4′ Whiteboards, 240 school books, pencils etc, food for the village trip, she  paid for Tarpaulins to cover leaky grass roofs, a replacement water pump head in the Village and  many cans of  baby formulae milk for the women unable to breastfeed. We really appreciate Katie’s support, she raised a total of US$766  to help the desperate needs of these Villager’s. Thanks to everyone who helped and donated this Sunday.


“My name is Katie Edelson and in 2011 I went to Cambodia to give food and supplies to the people in the provinces.  I just turned 14 and before this trip I had never seen poverty.  Sure, I had heard about it, seen it on TV, but they were pretty much just faces on a screen. Just like so many other things in my culture, they weren’t real.

I have been a Girl Scout for 9 years now and it was time to earn my Silver Award, which is the highest award a girl my age can earn.  It took me several months to come up with an idea for my project, but when my sister told me about CHOICE it was set: I decided to collect money for CHOICE.  According to Girl Scout rules, I am not allowed to just collect money and give it to another organization, so I decided that I would collect money and then buy supplies to take to the village people.  In order to gather the funds, I sent out a flyer and did several presentations to local groups.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity,  I arrived in Cambodia with $766 and met with the CHOICE people.  We figured out which supplies were most needed and went shopping for them.  The next day we went to the villages to distribute the supplies.

It was amazing to me how the people could literally have nothing, their water contaminated with poison and their grass huts looking like they are about to fall over and still be so happy and smiling.  The children came out and surrounded me.  They clung to my arms and smiled at me.  They offered us nuts and yams and sugarcane juice to drink.

We handed out bags of food and soap.  The looks of happiness and gratitude on those people’s faces was mind-blowing.  We set up a whiteboard and that was now a school room.   We sang songs, played games and finger painted.  There was a girl who gave her painting to me.   I will keep it forever, along with this memory.

I connected with some of these people in a way I never have before.  I know that this is  a life changing experience.  It was just as wonderful as I imagined, only more so.  I am so very grateful for this opportunity.”


Pictured is Katie with some of the rice, handing out baby formulae milk powder. The art class at work, Melanie and Katie rest while Mark does some juggling,  storing one of the whiteboards, giving out a donated guitar, the pumphead and dressing an old Villager in a donated leather jacket.


On Saturday 22nd January 2011 we met at California 2 to begin our fundraising pub crawl. Organized by Bill, Kevin and Rudy for “Russells Foundation”,  in turn the money raised was donated to CHOICE.  With “T” Shirts on about twenty of us went around the corner to Nay Nay, then Lonestar  losing only one on the way. Now well into the spirits of the evening it was Golden Vine, Zapata, Top Ten, Sharkey and finally Walkabout with only about one dozen remaining.  Special thanks to Graeme from Top Ten Bar who collected US$61.50 from from staff and patrons.  A great night with a total of US$366.50 raised. Thanks to everyone who donated and supported the night.