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Honey for Money – beekeeping

Bees are on the brink of extinction in Cambodia mostly due to land clearance and the destructive methods used by locals to rob the honey from native hives. An agreement has been made between CHOICE Cambodia and James Dumar who among many things is a Beekeeper. James will teach the art of beekeeping to Cambodians at the CHOICE Center. The first one day course is free for Khmer and will be held on Saturday the 1st April at the CHOICE Center. “Introduction to Beekeeping”. Transport will be provided at 8.30am sharp from Longlin House #159 in Street 19 Phnom Penh. Interested parties including other NGO’s need book with James Dumar via jamesdumar@yahoo.com.au.

Soon James will commence an in depth three day Beekeeping courses at the CHOICE Center. CHOICE selected Khmers will receive free training, others will be paying for the course and perhaps being sponsored by various NGO’s. This course can be for individuals or families and comes complete with a working kit including the Bees. It will be fully hands on and we already have 5 live hives set up at the rear of the CHOICE Center. Other training courses will also be offered later this year.

CHOICE is providing the facility for James to conduct his small business, in return James is providing training and giving other assistance to help CHOICE activities. After receiving the free Bee training courses our Khmer will need kitting out, we will need donors for this so interested persons please contact us at choicecambodia@live.com

Bee Hives


Many thanks to Mirco Galassi and his wife from Melbourne, Australia. They donated 4 very good laptops to CHOICE Cambodia this weekend. Three from the IT Company where Mirco’s wife is employed and the other from Mirco.
A very needy donation as many of our computers are very old and repairs are frequent. We now have 19 Laptops for the children, pictured with the children is Lyda our PC Teacher.
Most of our children come from extremely disadvantaged families, squatter families that have no land or property. These children are from the poorest group of people in Cambodia and are in genuine need.


Our New Educational Schedule for the coming year.

The Khmer school year begins in October, now we transport around 135 children to and from the Village for education Monday to Saturday. About 50, only attend the Government Schools. 40 attend both the CHOICE Center for English and Computer training plus the Government School, another 5 are sewing students at the CHOICE Center. Another 40 are Kindergarten children that are transported at different times. Those attending the Center are given lunch thats up to 95 meals Mondays to Saturdays including Staff.

CHOICE supply all their uniforms, bags etc. CHOICE are about to begin the building of a toilet block consisting of 4 toilets with septic tanks at the Government school, currently they only have 2 toilets for over 500 students.

The Sewing Center

The CHOICE Family, Choice Germany, Choice Singapore and Choice Cambodia are working together to provide Education and Vocational training at the Choice Center for the children of the poor Villagers. We recived an early boost when Tim MacLeod from Canada and his Company  HCM Catastrophe Services Inc. decided to sponsor the equipment for the sewing classes, Tim will also  cover the  sewing teachers salary. So far we have purchased 8 sewing machines with tables (all pedal) an embroidery machine and an overlocker both electric, a cutting table and a large glass cabinet for completed garments.

A skilled Tailor, Sor Pan from Siem Reap is the latest  to join our Khmer staff as the sewing teacher for our students, all 7  students are female and aged between 16-18 and have not attended school before.  We are also very grateful to have the support of the Monks Somnieng and Y-Nol who run a sewing school in Siem Reap and trained Sor. We intend to follow their business model, a 10 month course with term exams and a certificate on completion. The girls in the sewing class are picked up with the other children and brought in by us for a 6.30am breakfast. Sewing class  is from 7am-12am when lunch is provided then back to sewing from 1pm to 4pm. then they are taken back to the Village.

The meals, about 100 per day Monday to Friday, are  paid by Choice Family Singapore as is the salaries for the 2 cooks and 1 cleaner. In the near future Choice Family Singapore will fund the training and equipment to begin a Hairdressing/Beauty program at the Center.         


Donation of Computers

Many thanks to Choice Family Singapore and their recent visit, donating spectacles, clothing plus a generous donation from Srini Lakshmanan. As well Andy’s Company, Latitude Enterprise Pte Ltd. donated 3 lovely computers now set up and ready for Vocational Computer training due to start in May, thanks to all. Working together we help the poor, Andy pictured in the Computer/Library room in Russells Refuge.