The wet season is finally setting in. August 28th, 2011

The wet season has finally started to take affect. The normal classroom in the middle Village is about 3 feet under water, you can just see it on the right of the second photo. The classroom in the furthest Village is also out of action, water and too many Mosquito’s.

The teacher is now squeezing all fifty of the children into his house to teach them, the floor and ramp are a bit dodgy with the extra weight so we will donate some money to strengthen both.

Road conditions are getting worse and our regular volunteer Bill got bogged on the way out, to make matters worse the truck got a flat tyre on the way out as well.

CHOICE Educational Day Sunday 21st August

On Sunday 21st August it was another CHOICE Educational/Craftwork and fun day in the Village’s. Led by Melanie, Jess, and Blair it was a great day, Margeret brought some new ideas to us for the children’s entertainment, we will use these again, thanks Margaret. Thanks to David for these photo’s and to all the volunteers who helped entertain the children.

Join us on one of these trips, they are conducted every second Sunday from Phnom Penh.

Choice Cambodia 19th August

Sokha is now able to walk for a few minutes with the aid of a frame on wheels and support from her son Channy. She still gets dizzy after and hour or so in the wheelchair, and they still living in the VIC Physio center.
We continue to visit her twice a week, today we gave her more diapers and a years supply of Multi Vitamin tablets, thanks to the sponsorship for the family. We also sent a bag of rice out to the rest of the family.

The Scolded Boy is out of Hospital August 14, 2011

The young burnt boy has been released from Hospital and has gone home to his Village.
You may recall that firstly he had a severe case of Shingles, then after recovering from that he accidentally tipped a large pot of boiling water over himself.
After 2 months in Hospital he has been released, though his wounds are much better he is left with terrible scarring.
CHOICE  supported the boy and the family throughout this ordeal.