A new nurse to help at the Village

Equally as important to the supplies that we give to the Villagers is the medical support. As the numbers of  Villagers needing treatment is always increasing, we are now employing a local nurse, Sotheara, to assist Rudy. (pictured 28/03/10) Severe cases are transported to Hospital in Phnom Penh. We are always in need of medical supplies, if you can help please donate on our website.

Delivering Mosquito Nets to the Village

As the wet season is approaching CHOICE will be supplying mosquito nets. We have just received a generous donation from Glenda & Rick from Australia to start us off, so together we have purchased 100 nets directly from the supplier at a very good price US$3.70 (these are the treated ones). On Sunday 28th Feb. 2010 CHOICE volunteers handed out 119 nets to the villagers in Kandal Province, and hopefully by the time the wet season arrives we will have supplied another 100 nets, so all the villages as well as the Orphanage will have received nets. If you can help us, please donate on our website via Paypal.

Welcome for the boys at their new Orphanage.

Saturday 27th Feb. 2010 CHOICE joined the staff and volunteers at an Orphanage for a welcoming lunch for the boys new house. The girls came over from their home and enjoyed a great day, about 60 people in all attended. CHOICE donated a CD/Radio player for the boys house. Isaac is pictured wearing the outfit donated to him by Ricky and June, Joshua is pictured in the spiderman outfit donated by Stacey and Alan, many thanks.

Donating School shirts at an Orphanage

These pictures show some of the smaller children at an Orphanage receiving school shirts donated by CHOICE. Many of the children at the Orphanage need replacement school uniforms. A shirt costs US$2.50, a skirt US$3.00 and shorts US$2.50, shoes $4.00. Please send us a donation as some of the kids have only one of each item and they have to wear the same clothes each day. From the prices shown above a small donation such as $10 can outfit one child.

Water Filters Pre-Purchase

For some time now a dedicated young couple from Melbourne Australia, Cath & Josh have been fundraising to raise money to provide water filters for the very poor Village families that are supported by CHOICE. There are approximately 150 of these families and this couple have raised enough money to supply around 55 filters at $10US each.

An American named Mountain from Northern California has also given a donation to supply another 12 filters so we can now enable almost half the families to have safe drinking water. Unsafe drinking water causes a large number of illness’s and deaths in Cambodia and we need to supply a lot more. You might ask “why not provide wells” these have been provided in some locations but a lot of the well water in Kandal Province contains arsenic and is only suitable for washing, filters will not remove arsenic, so the most available water is surface water which is dirty and needs to be filtered.

The filters are also produced in Cambodia, so this creates jobs as well. These families have no land, no jobs no sanitation and are severley disadvantaged, if you can help please donate on out website. We need to provide more water filters as well as replace the inserts every 12 months or so. Thanks again to these wonderful people who have helped us.
A further update on the Water Filters, Cath and Josh are arriving in Phnom Penh on 22nd Feb. 2010 and with a combined effort with CHOICE we will be delivering water filters to around 85 Village families the next day, we have now got a deal for US$9.50 per unit including a cleaning brush and delivery will cost US$40.  Stay tuned for the photo’s.

Homeless and Handicapped

On the 15th Dec 2009 CHOICE was told about a homeless, deaf, pregnant girl and maybe HIV+ in Phnom Penh. We located the girl about a week before Xmas, and with her permission we had a blood test done which confirmed she was HIV+. She could neither read nor write, it was difficult for us to communicate. CHOICE supplied her with some clothes and food and small money.

We contacted Charles from DDP (Deaf Development Programme) with his help we determined that the girl was 25, and abandoned by the father of the baby, a foreigner, when he found out the girl was pregnant. She did not want to keep her baby. The staff from DDP were excellent and they intend to educate her with job skills as well as teach her proper sign language DDP engaged the help of a related Maryknoll Group PMTCT (Preventing Mother To Child Transmission).

They provided medical help for the girl as well as an Ultra-sound and would help the baby after birth as well. LIA Orphanage offered to take the baby if need be. Unexpectedly we found out that a 2.5kg baby girl was born on Monday 11th Jan. by cesarean, and the Mother has changed her mind now and will keep the lovely baby girl, as well the grandparents have come forward and with a combined effort we are all trying to help out. Now we are waiting to see if the medicine has prevented the baby from contracting the HIV and of course the baby is not being breast fed.

We will keep you up to date on this story. Update, unfortunately we have lost contact with the family, they are not using the same phone number, we can only hope that all is well.

The baby  pictured here is just 4 days old.

Donating Ducks

On Sunday 8th November 09, on behalf of CHOICE, our Public Relations Officer Angela Tan is shown donating 20 ducks to two extremely poor Village families. In one of the families a son was recently born blind and in the other family the wife died suddenly at the age of 43.