Water Filters Pre-Purchase

For some time now a dedicated young couple from Melbourne Australia, Cath & Josh have been fundraising to raise money to provide water filters for the very poor Village families that are supported by CHOICE. There are approximately 150 of these families and this couple have raised enough money to supply around 55 filters at $10US each.

An American named Mountain from Northern California has also given a donation to supply another 12 filters so we can now enable almost half the families to have safe drinking water. Unsafe drinking water causes a large number of illness’s and deaths in Cambodia and we need to supply a lot more. You might ask “why not provide wells” these have been provided in some locations but a lot of the well water in Kandal Province contains arsenic and is only suitable for washing, filters will not remove arsenic, so the most available water is surface water which is dirty and needs to be filtered.

The filters are also produced in Cambodia, so this creates jobs as well. These families have no land, no jobs no sanitation and are severley disadvantaged, if you can help please donate on out website. We need to provide more water filters as well as replace the inserts every 12 months or so. Thanks again to these wonderful people who have helped us.
A further update on the Water Filters, Cath and Josh are arriving in Phnom Penh on 22nd Feb. 2010 and with a combined effort with CHOICE we will be delivering water filters to around 85 Village families the next day, we have now got a deal for US$9.50 per unit including a cleaning brush and delivery will cost US$40.  Stay tuned for the photo’s.