Sadly after much effort and time we had to cease the Beekeeping project, there was not enough food source in the area to keep the hives active. We were feeding the Bees on sugar water during the wet season but when it was time to let them collect naturally in the dry season they could not survive.  We believe that lack of  enough appropriate plants and fertilizer’s were the main causers.


Bees are on the brink of extinction in Cambodia mostly due to land clearance and the destructive methods used by locals to steal the honey from native hives. An agreement has been made between CHOICE Cambodia and James Dumar who among many things is a Beekeeper. James will teach the art of beekeeping to Cambodians at the CHOICE Center. The first one day course was free for Khmer and was held on Saturday the 1st April 2017 at the CHOICE Center. “Introduction to Beekeeping”. Transport was provided leaving at 8.30am from Longlin House #159 in Street 19 Phnom Penh.

Soon James will commence in depth three day Beekeeping courses at the CHOICE Center. CHOICE selected Khmers will receive free training, others will be paying for the course and perhaps being sponsored by various NGO’s. This course can be for individuals or families and comes complete with a working kit including the Bees. It will be fully hands on and we already have several live hives setup at the rear of the CHOICE Center. Other training courses will also be offered later this year.

CHOICE is providing the facility for James to conduct his small business, in return James is providing training and giving other assistance to help CHOICE activities. After receiving the free Bee training courses our Khmers will need kitting out.

Bee Hives

James has moved on to another project and we wish him well.

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