Choice Donations 2020

  • All online and overseas Donations are acknowledged below, donors in Phnom Penh are issued with a receipt.

NGO indicates the donation was paid into our Canadia Bank a/c.

CFA indicates the donation was deposited in our Australian account.

CFG indicates the donation was banked in the German account.

ABA  Cambodian Bank account specially for donations for building work on the new land.

Please click here to view our Financial information on the UK Charity Commission site.

Month ending January 2020

Donations Received


Liz Smith USD$5.00 UK (CFA)

Nicole Flanagan (Child Spons) AUD$200.00 Australia (CFA)

Gerardo Flores (Child Spons) USD $1200.00 Spain (NGO)

Michelle Yu USD$200.00 USA New York (NGO)

Tony Lumbard (Fruit) USD$150.00 UK (NGO)

Kong Ly (Child Spons.) US$100.00 USA (CFA)

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