All the way from USA

Special thanks to the girls soccer team from West Coast Coaching, last weekend from their bake sale the girls soccer team raised $390. This is about the amount we need  to supply the education books, blackboards, pencils etc for the children in the next village. Any money left over will go toward the next lot of lesson books, we believe they will need replacing every 3 months.

I am sure the soccer team will be happy to know that their donation will be used for this, so many thanks and keep watching this page for the updates and pictures.

Village Trip 22nd May 2011

Rudi set up the Medical clinic in Angela’s Village with nurse Kunthea, the rest of the team went on to the next Village. The usual food supplies, powdered milk formulae milk powder was delivered (5) and we supplied 2 tarpaulins erecting one.

We have organised a teacher for the 52 school age children needing education in this village. The children sat on a Tarpaulin on the roadside to receive their lesson books, fully equipped pencil cases, and personal blackboards supplied by Leanne Balkin. These children cannot attend school its too far away and they cannot build a school in the village as they are squatters, so education for these children will be on the side of the dirt road. We watched the teacher give a lesson to the very enthusiastic class who showed their appreciation to us for our support before we headed back to meet up with the medical team.

Rudi had some bad news for us, a local 16yo. village girl Kim had been diagnosed with a hole in the heart, she had all her test results with her. It was revealed last year that Kim had this problem but because the family is so poor they cannot pay for Kim’s operation and nothing further has been done. CHOICE are  trying to find out now who may be able to operate and at what cost.


Seven Weeks after Sokha’s Operation

UPDATE: 18/05/11
To assist Sokha to sit and hopefully use a wheelchair, we have made a ramp to place under the mattress to support her back, we will raise this once a week to see if  she can slowly adjust. At the moment she cannot hold the sitting position for too long, she feels sick and gets dizzy.
Four months ago Sokha fell off the back of a truck, she was paralyzed and in agony she could not afford an operation. Her son Channy quit school to mind his mother. Sokha lay on wooden slats for 10 weeks until CHOICE was notified, we immediately contacted C.S.C. Hospital.

It is now seven weeks since Dr. Jim and the CSC staff operated on Sokha, her neck was broken in two places. She is no longer in pain and can now be raised to a sitting position for a few minutes. We expect further improvement with exercise.

They do not own the grotty little hut with the dirt floor that they call home, they are allowed to live there rent free as they have little money. They had enough rice for three days after our last visit 2 days ago, so we gave them $10. On Tuesday the 10th May we delivered 1 bag of rice and 2 box’s of noodles. Can you help, if you can donate even a small amount it will be used to pay for food for this family. See our Choice Donations page.

 CHOICE was able to raise and donate $500 to the Childrens Surgical Center for their efforts. We thank B.Jones US, Rio Norde Germany and R. Wright Australia for donating the $500. Special thanks to Dr. Jim Gogally and the C.S.C. Hospital. Pictured from left Eric, Dr.Sokleng, Ross and Mark presenting the $500 to C.S.C.