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Heart Operation for Chhan Chhaun

Chhan Chhaun had his heart operation on Wednesday the 5th and is now back home feeling much stronger. His heart operation was performed through a vein in his leg, Chhan had a hole in his heart which should be fixed now. CHOICE will arrange for Chhan to return to Siem Reap for more tests required on 7th January to ensure its been a satisfactory procedure, for now he feels a lot better and is looking forward to going to our new school in his Village. Once again thanks to International Finance Corperation Staff (IFC) they have financed all medical and travelling costs for Chhan and his mother.

Village Trip 22nd May 2011

Rudi set up the Medical clinic in Angela’s Village with nurse Kunthea, the rest of the team went on to the next Village. The usual food supplies, powdered milk formulae milk powder was delivered (5) and we supplied 2 tarpaulins erecting one.

We have organised a teacher for the 52 school age children needing education in this village. The children sat on a Tarpaulin on the roadside to receive their lesson books, fully equipped pencil cases, and personal blackboards supplied by Leanne Balkin. These children cannot attend school its too far away and they cannot build a school in the village as they are squatters, so education for these children will be on the side of the dirt road. We watched the teacher give a lesson to the very enthusiastic class who showed their appreciation to us for our support before we headed back to meet up with the medical team.

Rudi had some bad news for us, a local 16yo. village girl Kim had been diagnosed with a hole in the heart, she had all her test results with her. It was revealed last year that Kim had this problem but because the family is so poor they cannot pay for Kim’s operation and nothing further has been done. CHOICE are  trying to find out now who may be able to operate and at what cost.