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4 more tablets

Rob from UK has donated 4 new Android tablets for use with educational learning apps at the Choice Centre. These tablets have been kindly brought in from America purchased off Amazon for about $50 each. Better quality tablets for the price than can be purchased locally. Thanks to both Brian and John for bringing two each with them on their recent visits to Cambodia from the USA.

If anyone is visiting Cambodia from either UK or USA, then please let us know, as you might be able to bring some stuff out for us.




Many thanks to Mirco Galassi and his wife from Melbourne, Australia. They donated 4 very good laptops to CHOICE Cambodia this weekend. Three from the IT Company where Mirco’s wife is employed and the other from Mirco.
A very needy donation as many of our computers are very old and repairs are frequent. We now have 19 Laptops for the children, pictured with the children is Lyda our PC Teacher.
Most of our children come from extremely disadvantaged families, squatter families that have no land or property. These children are from the poorest group of people in Cambodia and are in genuine need.


Teaching HTML

Pictured is Holger Meuss, he has volunteered to teach our computer students HTML at the CHOICE Center. We were unable to get the internet connected in time for these lessons but we hope to have it on soon. Holger has managed to teach the children enough so thay have successfully made a basic webpage using HTML code. Many thanks Holger, we now have another volunteer teacher to follow on Rob, he will further their training and soon we will have internet. Arne from CFG will provide webspace for the PC class. The children will soon be designing better quality web sites of their own, many thanks to all that have been involved.
Please click on the link to open, under the photo are two links to the pages of 2 of the kids, please have a look at their efforts. so far.



Donation of Computers

Many thanks to Choice Family Singapore and their recent visit, donating spectacles, clothing plus a generous donation from Srini Lakshmanan. As well Andy’s Company, Latitude Enterprise Pte Ltd. donated 3 lovely computers now set up and ready for Vocational Computer training due to start in May, thanks to all. Working together we help the poor, Andy pictured in the Computer/Library room in Russells Refuge.