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New Sewing/Hairdressing property

We are expanding, we are now renting the house next to the Choice center. We need a larger sewing room and room for the Hairdressing salon. Pictured is a prospective new manager Lida on the sewing machine, looking on is Arne Flick CFG and staff member. Arne will be co-ordinating the sewing project and will hopefully develop a market in Germany so our girls can work a 40 hour week with good pay and working conditions.


Classroom Extension

Needing to expand we asked volunteers to help add an extra room at the back of the sewing building. Tony Sheperd volunteered to build it, in memory of a friend that recently passed away, he also offered to pay for most of the work. With assistance from David, Peter, Dave and Tee the floor space was increased and built up with extra concrete. Soon the walls, doors and windows were in place. Now it needs floor coverings and electrical wiring, a job well done and thanks to all.
We intend to shift the sewing room into here and utilize the front room for our medical clinic, German classroom and hopefully install a dental chair for volunteer dentists.

The Sewing Center

The CHOICE Family, Choice Germany, Choice Singapore and Choice Cambodia are working together to provide Education and Vocational training at the Choice Center for the children of the poor Villagers. We recived an early boost when Tim MacLeod from Canada and his Company  HCM Catastrophe Services Inc. decided to sponsor the equipment for the sewing classes, Tim will also  cover the  sewing teachers salary. So far we have purchased 8 sewing machines with tables (all pedal) an embroidery machine and an overlocker both electric, a cutting table and a large glass cabinet for completed garments.

A skilled Tailor, Sor Pan from Siem Reap is the latest  to join our Khmer staff as the sewing teacher for our students, all 7  students are female and aged between 16-18 and have not attended school before.  We are also very grateful to have the support of the Monks Somnieng and Y-Nol who run a sewing school in Siem Reap and trained Sor. We intend to follow their business model, a 10 month course with term exams and a certificate on completion. The girls in the sewing class are picked up with the other children and brought in by us for a 6.30am breakfast. Sewing class  is from 7am-12am when lunch is provided then back to sewing from 1pm to 4pm. then they are taken back to the Village.

The meals, about 100 per day Monday to Friday, are  paid by Choice Family Singapore as is the salaries for the 2 cooks and 1 cleaner. In the near future Choice Family Singapore will fund the training and equipment to begin a Hairdressing/Beauty program at the Center.