New School Building

July 2018

Work starts on our new school.

August 2018

The reinforced beams locking the foundation together, are now being poured. Its customary in Cambodia to provide a small blessing gift, we have done this many times now for each building. This time we spent a little more, US$12.50 as the building is bigger.

November 2018

The new School building is progressing well. The metal framework for the roof is complete and the verander frame is primed (light green) ready for the topcoat.

early December 2018

Front classroom wall looking good, window and door lintels will take time.

mid December 2018

The feature brickwork on the front of the classrooms is finished, only needs a coat of lacquer later. We are starting to install the rainbow colored doors and windows.

January 2019

Electrical wiring now being done. The feature brick wall is a new experience for our builders, and with the rainbow colors they love it as well. They are a great mob of guys so willing to do whatever is needed. It hasn’t been easy as the builders are not used to cleaning bricks as they go or wiping excess cement off the doors and window frames. It will be a while to get the windows and doors bedded in but I am anxious to do the lacquer and touch up painting myself.

February 2019

Our 3000L septic tank for the new school toilets arrived today, we installed one a year ago for the kindergarten, works well no problems. A sealed unit with bacteria digesting the waste. There will be a secondary 3 ring tank for seepage. As far as I know this is the best clean solution available in Cambodia.

The new school toilets are nearly finished.

March 2019

Many thanks to members of the Rotary Clubs from Euroa, Benalla and Kilmore. A huge effort from the work group in completing the bike shelter and spreading tons of sand. We only need to place gravel on the floor of the shelter, this will be done in conjuction with our internal road repair. Many thanks to Aaron Dryden for funding the bike shelter.

May 2019

We had Lee’s family back again to lay about 250sq.m. more turf in front of the new classrooms. What a difference, fantastic, I believe they do an extra special job for us being friends through Longlin House, many thanks Lee.

June 2019

The new school opens. Even though not everything is completed on the site, the main school building is sufficiently ready for classes to commence. After a long hard weekend by all the staff transferring everything across from the old school, the new school opens. The official school opening will happen later in the year. The kids and teachers are really happy with their new home of learning.

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