Our poor old outdoors kitchen has served us well, over 100,000 meals provided to our 200+ students over the last few years. We have propped it up but soon it will fall over, we need about US$2500 to rebuild or there will be no meals and therefore no school.

Financially its a real struggle, we have recently had to close several programs, Medical and Dental clinics, birth control, formula milk, the sewing room will close and new apprenticeships for boys is on hold due to lack of finances.

I realize the problems with fundraising, as myself and family have all had separate fundraising events in the past. We can’t keep asking the same friends to keep fundraising, as many of you have done in the past. Our friends and family get tired of the regular requests for financial help.

So in order to find better ways to raise extra funding we established “Sponsor a Child” and created “CHOICE Family Australia” but its not working.
We need our supporters to market and promote these two programs as we survive without any major sponsors or Government support. “Sponsor a Child” details can be found on the following link:

“CHOICE Family Australia” was registered and developed to attract small direct debits of a few dollars per pay upwards from Australians. Paid regularly into our Australian Bank account this money is to provide our senior students with Scholarships or Apprenticeships as needed.

Please help Ross Wright.



We are extremely grateful to have been given another 20 pushbikes from “Bikes 4 Life” to hand out to our needy children, many thanks to all those involved. This time we have made a presentation in two lots of 10 bikes as we are out of storage space.

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For the last year or so we have had no students interested in taking on Hairdressing as a career. We have been using the CHOICE Salon as a storage room, now we need more classroom space because the children get wet in the outside classrooms in the wet season. Many thanks to Leanne, Joy, Michelle and her children Georgia and Connor. Having received more school furniture from Northbridge School the group have worked in the salon to convert it to a library which will double up as a classroom and craft room. Thanks to Jackie and Suzette who originally created the Salon. I know they won’t mind and it can always be converted back to a salon if needed. We really are desperate for the dry space it offers.
We will also receive another 20 pushbikes from “Bikes 4 Life” next week thanks again to Leanne Balkin. Leanne will also try to get both Khmer and English books to fill the Library.