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Village Trip 13th November 2011

We decided to revisit the baby girl that Rudi helped deliver last week. We brought along some new baby clothes to give her, donated by Jayne Turton. Among our volunteers was a nurse, Jackie from the UK. When we got to the hut it was empty, Mum and family had moved up to a relatives hut as the mother was very sick and baby not well either. We decided to bring Mum and the baby back to P/Penh with us for treatment. Jackie has been volunteering in a clinic here for a month, so we decided to take them to that clinic. An ultra scan showed infection in the breast area so an antibiotic course has been initiated. Both Mum and baby were kept overnight and monitored, both much improved in the morning they were taken back to the Village by Ratana the Khmer helper for CHOICE. The volunteers were great, they provided the food for Mum, Jackie personally paid for the costs involved with the clinic’s medicine and treatment. It is rewarding for us at CHOICE when we have the support from visiting volunteers like this, where there is a real need. The bracelet making and drawing program was great, the kids loved it as they don’t often get to do this. Thanks to all the volunteers on this day you were all great.

The black charcoal cross on the babies forehead is to scare away the evil spirits that want to take the baby away.

Recent News

Sokha and her family are slowly recovering after the tragic accident in which Sokha broke her neck in two places.

Shown top left is Leanne Balkin presenting Channy with education material in an attempt to keep him up to date with his school work until he can resume. Items given included books, calculator, pencils etc. We are supplying Sokha and her family on a regular basis with rice and fruit and vegetables, other essentials such as soap and toothpaste, plus medical aid and Multi-Vitamins for Sokha.

On a recent trip to visit the family we were accompanied by Ad & Monique Schoonen and their foster daughter Lyn pictured top center. Deeply effected by what they saw they have decided to sponsor the the family by donating $100 per month through CHOICE. This is great news for all concerned, as well CHOICE have been seeking support from other organizations for help. We went to Veterans International Cambodia and met with the manager Rithy Keo, he agreed to help. He sent the V.I.C. technical team to assess Sokha and her prognosis is good, they will now help her to rehabilitate her. So CHOICE have taken Sokha and Channy to the V.I.C. center where they will live in while physiotherapy is carried out. We will continue with visits every 2 – 3 days and give Sokha and Channy money for food and any other support needed. Pictured below on the 21st June, is the journey back to C.S.C. for a medical check by Dr. Jim  and then to V.I.C. for the physiotherapy.

On recent village trips we have delivered over 550 clothing items from baby wear through to adult sizes. Many people have donated the clothes including Wan, Christy & friends of V Hair & Beauty Maroochydore Qld. Leanne Balkin, Chris Dickeson, both Aussies, Sandra and Lisa from Hong Kong, Melanie Edelson and a few others, many thanks to you all.


Again thanks to Leanne Balkin, Dylane Hubbard, Sarah Crook and West Coast Coaching girls soccer team the “Wildcats” from the US for their help in setting up and/or financing the two education centers in 2 of the Villages. There are over 100 children now receiving full time education in Khmer, see the photos of the two classes.

Village Trip 22nd May 2011

Rudi set up the Medical clinic in Angela’s Village with nurse Kunthea, the rest of the team went on to the next Village. The usual food supplies, powdered milk formulae milk powder was delivered (5) and we supplied 2 tarpaulins erecting one.

We have organised a teacher for the 52 school age children needing education in this village. The children sat on a Tarpaulin on the roadside to receive their lesson books, fully equipped pencil cases, and personal blackboards supplied by Leanne Balkin. These children cannot attend school its too far away and they cannot build a school in the village as they are squatters, so education for these children will be on the side of the dirt road. We watched the teacher give a lesson to the very enthusiastic class who showed their appreciation to us for our support before we headed back to meet up with the medical team.

Rudi had some bad news for us, a local 16yo. village girl Kim had been diagnosed with a hole in the heart, she had all her test results with her. It was revealed last year that Kim had this problem but because the family is so poor they cannot pay for Kim’s operation and nothing further has been done. CHOICE are  trying to find out now who may be able to operate and at what cost.


Village Trip 27th February 2011

This was a special trip, apart from the regular volunteers and Rick, the rest of the volunteers were Melanie’s  (CHOICE Trustee) family. Fourteen year old sister Katie Edelson had done a charity fundraiser for CHOICE  as a Girl Scout project back in the US.  She purchased 7 bags of rice, 4 x 8’x4′ Whiteboards, 240 school books, pencils etc, food for the village trip, she  paid for Tarpaulins to cover leaky grass roofs, a replacement water pump head in the Village and  many cans of  baby formulae milk for the women unable to breastfeed. We really appreciate Katie’s support, she raised a total of US$766  to help the desperate needs of these Villager’s. Thanks to everyone who helped and donated this Sunday.


“My name is Katie Edelson and in 2011 I went to Cambodia to give food and supplies to the people in the provinces.  I just turned 14 and before this trip I had never seen poverty.  Sure, I had heard about it, seen it on TV, but they were pretty much just faces on a screen. Just like so many other things in my culture, they weren’t real.

I have been a Girl Scout for 9 years now and it was time to earn my Silver Award, which is the highest award a girl my age can earn.  It took me several months to come up with an idea for my project, but when my sister told me about CHOICE it was set: I decided to collect money for CHOICE.  According to Girl Scout rules, I am not allowed to just collect money and give it to another organization, so I decided that I would collect money and then buy supplies to take to the village people.  In order to gather the funds, I sent out a flyer and did several presentations to local groups.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity,  I arrived in Cambodia with $766 and met with the CHOICE people.  We figured out which supplies were most needed and went shopping for them.  The next day we went to the villages to distribute the supplies.

It was amazing to me how the people could literally have nothing, their water contaminated with poison and their grass huts looking like they are about to fall over and still be so happy and smiling.  The children came out and surrounded me.  They clung to my arms and smiled at me.  They offered us nuts and yams and sugarcane juice to drink.

We handed out bags of food and soap.  The looks of happiness and gratitude on those people’s faces was mind-blowing.  We set up a whiteboard and that was now a school room.   We sang songs, played games and finger painted.  There was a girl who gave her painting to me.   I will keep it forever, along with this memory.

I connected with some of these people in a way I never have before.  I know that this is  a life changing experience.  It was just as wonderful as I imagined, only more so.  I am so very grateful for this opportunity.”


Pictured is Katie with some of the rice, handing out baby formulae milk powder. The art class at work, Melanie and Katie rest while Mark does some juggling,  storing one of the whiteboards, giving out a donated guitar, the pumphead and dressing an old Villager in a donated leather jacket.

Burn Victim Village Trip 16th January

The first picture is of a 1 year old girl Rudy is treating for a very bad burn to her arm,  the child had fallen into a fire at the furthest Village.

We thank CAMBODIAN HOI FU GARMENTS & KNITTING COMPANY for supplying 6 box’s of new knitwear garments all sizes for men women and children. Below are pictures of some of the villagers receiving them, we also thank Gerado for his help with this donation of clothing, more pictures next trip. Three box’s were donated to 87 Village families this trip, the remaining 3 box’s will be distributed next trip, any left over will go to the Homeless at the “Soup Kitchen”.

The new pump we paid for is in and working, interestingly its stamped and dated ” UNICEF 2010 “. We also put another Tarpaulin on a Village hut. Finally is a lovely photo of the baby girl that we took to Phnom Penh for the  operation. Its nice to see her face instead of the pictures of the back of her head, she is doing very well.

First Village Trip for 2011

On Sunday the 2nd January we headed off with our supplies including the remaining 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China. We also had several box’s of clothes from the CANON team and baby clothes donated by Ronnie & Navee to deliver. The baby taken to the Hospital on the 19th December appears to have recovered well and her parents are very happy. Three more tins of baby food were handed out. The Villagers at Cancerman Village (about 150 people) have a problem with one of the two pump wells in their village, the part above the ground has corroded through, they do not have the funds US$25 to fix it. After some discussion with the elders CHOICE gave them the US$25 to have it repaired, we will inspect it next trip. Thanks to all the Volunteers.

Village Trip 19th Decamber 2010

Another Very sick Baby: A one month old baby girl was brought by her mother to the medical clinic for treatment. She had a very large weeping abscess on the back of her head, the abscess appeared 2 days after birth; Rudy decided the baby needed urgent Hospitalization so we asked the mother and father to bring her with us in the truck back to Phnom Penh. We gave the parents US$10 and nurse Kunthea took them to the Kuntha Bohpa Children’s Hospital. Kunthea managed to speak to a doctor who immediately admitted the baby and mother, this was a lucky break  as it is usual to have to queue up overnight and wait to be seen on the Monday.

On Monday the baby underwent surgery and the abscess was removed, we are told the operation went well and after a few days recovery the family will return to the village. We will monitor the babies progress as it has been a very serious illness and dangerous operation and it will not be known for quite some time whether the baby is completely cured. During their stay in Hospital CHOICE has taken the family meals from the “soup kitchen” and a supply of donated baby clothes and towels, we also paid for their evening meals.

While the medical clinic was in progress the volunteers had a very busy day handing out the normal food supplies and clothing donated by our CANON friends from Malaysia. At Jasmine village an extra 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China was handed out (there is another 25 for next trip). We also supplied another 3 tins of baby formulae, erected a Tarpaulin over the leaking roof of the blind babies hut and handed out photo’s  taken by past volunteer Rhonda. Rudy also checked the health of the other babies previously sent to the hospital for treatment, all are well. More pic’s in Photo Gallery.

CANON Village Trip 11/12/2010

Many thanks to Allan, Vice President of  EAS MARKETING SDN.BHD. & RECARTS TRADING SDN. BHD. for bringing over his team of CANON Representatives from Malaysia. They brought with them 25 box’s of new and near new clothing and some toys for the families at the Villages, and the Homeless at the Soup Kitchen. On Saturday the 11th Dec. the team arrived at Chiva’s Shack around 8.45am, where we prepared food supplies for 84 Village families. The pictures below show some of the team members handing out the supplies and dressing some of the children. One mother had a very sick baby, Allan gave her US$20 to cover the cost of a visit & treatment at the Children’s Hospital, we will check next week on the babies condition. At the end of the trip we joined the team for lunch where CHOICE was presented with a donation to make the total value for the day US$430 thanks again.

Village Trip Sunday 28th November

We thank June Burton, John Conner, Sarah Saxon for their donation of baby/children’s clothes which we handed out on Sunday the 28th Nov. at the Village, some who received the clothes are shown in the pictures below. We also thank Tad for bringing the clothes to P/Penh and Rhonda for the pictures previously taken of some of the Villagers, we will hand these out next trip. The mothers of the twins were also given their supply of powdered milk. Entertainment was provided by Robert, balloon tying and Michael for running the drawing class, we thank them for their help. Eighty five food bags were handed out and our nurse Kunthea provided minor medical treatment. We checked on the two sick babies from the previous trip (pictured) and both the parents had taken their babies to the Children’s Hospital for treatment with the money we had given them, both babies are now well.

Village Trip 15th August

On a sad note we arrived at the Village at 11.30am to learn that the lovely 5 month old baby son of Mr.& Mrs. Pov had passed away just an hour an a half before we arrived. They were well known to us, CHOICE and all the volunteers pass on their condolences to the Pov family.

Saddened by the tragedy we pressed on with our deliveries of food, clothing, footwear and baby toys. Thanks to Tad and the Saxon family and their children from Maroochydore, Australia for their donation of clothing, footwear and baby toys. This is the second time the Saxon family have generously donated such items to CHOICE.

Shown in the photo’s is the blind baby boy receiving some of the donated toys a valuable gift and teaching aid for him especially now as he is very sick, hopefully it will distract him from his illness.

The medical team will monitor the blind babies progress, and if needed will bring him into Hospital. We thank all those who helped out, Roz who conducted the drawing class, Bob, Mike, Josh, Krystal and James.

Distribution of Schoolbags Tennis Shoes at the Village

Many thanks to both Singapore International Foundation and Neville O’grady from New Futures Organization (NFO) for donating 54 pair of tennis shoes and the same number of schoolbags. They were  distributed  over the last two trips to the most needy at the village. On the trip on the 1st August Sabina Stelting donated 10 ducklings  to two very poor families, we hope they will reach maturity to supply eggs and not just be eaten.  But when food and money is scarce for these people it is highly likely these ducklings will not last long. thanks Sabina. Also Jim Kearney is seen in the picture performing a Thai massage treatment with a wooden hammer and peg, this treatment is called Toksen and is used to release muscular tension. Our regular child entertainers were there Melanie with songs and dancing and Mark doing his magic, balloon tying and juggling all very much appreciated by the children. Rudy and nurse Kunthea were kept busy with there clinic. Thanks to Michael who has been on a couple of our trips in the past, another happy day for all.

Village Trip 6th June

Choice Cambodia The children at the Village could not have been happier, firstly they were treated with a finger painting session run by Melanie then Mark performed his clown act, juggling and balloon tying. see the pics. Meanwhile the volunteers handed out supplies of food, soap, toothpaste etc. as well 200 clothing items including the balance of the Calvin Klein childrens pants, thanks Michael and the ladies from Taiwan for donating the clothes. Rudy and Kunthea treated some 40 odd villagers. Pictured last is a villager who is blind, one eye cannot be saved but we hope to get him cataract surgery soon to recover sight in the other eye. Thanks to all the volunteers.

Update.  We took the blind man to the Fred Hollows clinic for an eye examination where sadly they determined that the nerves behind the eye were dead and his sight could not be recovered.

Village Trip 23rd May 2010

Choice Cambodia A most enjoyable day again, Rudy and our new Khmer nurse Kunthea were very busy again, they removed the stitches from the man recently taken to Hospital, the wound has healed well and he is fine. Thanks to the many volunteers as well we had the company of 4 women from Taiwan and 1 from China, they supplied 300 pair of pants to the children as well as giving us 180 packets of noodles to add to the food supplies we handed out. Thanks to Rosa an English speaking Khmer who joined the translating team. Melanie once again did finger painting with the chidren in the 1st village this time, the children loved it as did the volunteer helpers who joined in, one village left to go Melanie. Thanks to Ben for the rice and to all the Volunteers that helped us this weekend.

CHOICE Village Trip

Volunteer with us, meet us at Sundance Inn 9.00 am. and come on a Village Trip, we return about 4 pm, when we arrive at the CHOICE Center you can help deliver safe drinking water to each Village hut during the week and sometimes clothing. If you join us please donate to help support our work. Special trips every alternate Saturday leaving at 9.00 am. these are for games, conversation and eating lunch with the children, please book in advance.

You can also view the Photo Album if you click on the link below: