Village Trip 6th June

Choice Cambodia The children at the Village could not have been happier, firstly they were treated with a finger painting session run by Melanie then Mark performed his clown act, juggling and balloon tying. see the pics. Meanwhile the volunteers handed out supplies of food, soap, toothpaste etc. as well 200 clothing items including the balance of the Calvin Klein childrens pants, thanks Michael and the ladies from Taiwan for donating the clothes. Rudy and Kunthea treated some 40 odd villagers. Pictured last is a villager who is blind, one eye cannot be saved but we hope to get him cataract surgery soon to recover sight in the other eye. Thanks to all the volunteers.

Update.  We took the blind man to the Fred Hollows clinic for an eye examination where sadly they determined that the nerves behind the eye were dead and his sight could not be recovered.