On Saturday 22nd January 2011 we met at California 2 to begin our fundraising pub crawl. Organized by Bill, Kevin and Rudy for “Russells Foundation”,  in turn the money raised was donated to CHOICE.  With “T” Shirts on about twenty of us went around the corner to Nay Nay, then Lonestar  losing only one on the way. Now well into the spirits of the evening it was Golden Vine, Zapata, Top Ten, Sharkey and finally Walkabout with only about one dozen remaining.  Special thanks to Graeme from Top Ten Bar who collected US$61.50 from from staff and patrons.  A great night with a total of US$366.50 raised. Thanks to everyone who donated and supported the night.

Burn Victim Village Trip 16th January

The first picture is of a 1 year old girl Rudy is treating for a very bad burn to her arm,  the child had fallen into a fire at the furthest Village.

We thank CAMBODIAN HOI FU GARMENTS & KNITTING COMPANY for supplying 6 box’s of new knitwear garments all sizes for men women and children. Below are pictures of some of the villagers receiving them, we also thank Gerado for his help with this donation of clothing, more pictures next trip. Three box’s were donated to 87 Village families this trip, the remaining 3 box’s will be distributed next trip, any left over will go to the Homeless at the “Soup Kitchen”.

The new pump we paid for is in and working, interestingly its stamped and dated ” UNICEF 2010 “. We also put another Tarpaulin on a Village hut. Finally is a lovely photo of the baby girl that we took to Phnom Penh for the  operation. Its nice to see her face instead of the pictures of the back of her head, she is doing very well.

First Village Trip for 2011

On Sunday the 2nd January we headed off with our supplies including the remaining 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China. We also had several box’s of clothes from the CANON team and baby clothes donated by Ronnie & Navee to deliver. The baby taken to the Hospital on the 19th December appears to have recovered well and her parents are very happy. Three more tins of baby food were handed out. The Villagers at Cancerman Village (about 150 people) have a problem with one of the two pump wells in their village, the part above the ground has corroded through, they do not have the funds US$25 to fix it. After some discussion with the elders CHOICE gave them the US$25 to have it repaired, we will inspect it next trip. Thanks to all the Volunteers.