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The Tragic Saga for Sokha and her Family Continues.

The Family Hut.Off for months of Physio in a Tuk Tuk Sokha cannot sit up.1824283558_n

One of the saddest stories I had to write about in Cambodia was about Sokha and her family.

Sokha, once a hard worker fell off the back of a moving truck and broke her neck in two places. Having little money she could not afford an operation, she lay in agony for 10 weeks. A plea to CHOICE from a worker at Phnom Penh Post came to my attention. An operation was immediately arranged after I visited the dirt floored hut where she laid and shared with chickens. I was staggered to find that her brother Savuth was riddled with Leprosy and was unable to walk. Then there was Vetna a little girl who was so shy she always hid from myself or any volunteers that came along to help. Sokha had a son that was sixteen, Channy, he had to quit high school to care for his mum, his daily duties became feeding, dressing, bathing, cooking and toileting his mum.

Fortunately there was one family member that could work Savuth’s wife, she worked in the nearby garment factory and earned $80-$90 per month. Not enough to feed the now devastated family let alone treat the tragic medical issues that confronted them. CHOICE stepped in and has been caring for the family for two years now. Sokha is probably as good as she will ever be, still paralyzed down her right hand side and has urinary incontinence. We have arranged for Savuth to have one leg amputated the other will be removed soon, he now has one artificial leg. Having had Leprosy for about 20 years he was in a bad way, he could not close his eyes and was suffering from very bad ulcers on both legs and feet. One eye has been operated on and he can now close this, we continue to arrange medical procedures for Savuth. CHOICE provide 1 bag of rice to the family each month, Diapers and Multi Vitamins for Sokha, education support for both Channy and Vetna, school uniforms, books, transport and fees.

If that’s not bad enough they have been given a few weeks to vacate the chicken shed they call home, the owner has sold the 1 acre property to the Garment Factory nearby for US$200,000. We once thought it a good idea to employ a house keeper to relieve Channy, no one applied for fear of catching Leprosy. We thought they could move into the CHOICE Center, but fear again of Leprosy would cause parents to pull their children out of the Center. So now we need to find a rental property nearby the current hut so as not to disrupt their current schooling and work facility for the wife of Savuth. We need sponsors that will reliably commit to help this family, please help this family, they have suffered extreme illness and poverty.

Email me direct on choicecambodia@live.com or tag your Paypal Donation Sokha. Many thanks, Ross Wright.

Leanne, Channy and Sokha._7635087_oVetna

Savuth with artificial leg.Sokha as she normally is.






The Latest News on Sokha 8th December 2011

Many of you will have followed the story about Sokha and her 16yo son Channy. For those who havn’t, Sokha 53, fell off a moving truck in January 2011 and broke her neck in two places. CHOICE arranged and paid for an operation for her then followed this up with physio treatment. She has been at the Physio center for for more than 6 months, CHOICE have been seeing her twice a week bringing essential items, as well as caring for her brother at the hut, he has severe Leprosy. Channy quit school to care for his mum. In order for Channy to begin a normal school life again next year, CHOICE have been preparing an area next to the hut where Sokha can continue with her daily physio exercise. Sokha has come a long way, from being paralized to now being able to walk with the aid of a hand rail. We intend to build an adjoining bedroom on the same level so there will be no obsticles in her way. Financial help from  sponsors have enabled us to do the work, many thanks to Ad & Monique Schoonen and all the others. If you can help CHOICE do more work like this and help others please donate on our website. www.choice-cambodia.org

Seven Weeks after Sokha’s Operation

UPDATE: 18/05/11
To assist Sokha to sit and hopefully use a wheelchair, we have made a ramp to place under the mattress to support her back, we will raise this once a week to see if  she can slowly adjust. At the moment she cannot hold the sitting position for too long, she feels sick and gets dizzy.
Four months ago Sokha fell off the back of a truck, she was paralyzed and in agony she could not afford an operation. Her son Channy quit school to mind his mother. Sokha lay on wooden slats for 10 weeks until CHOICE was notified, we immediately contacted C.S.C. Hospital.

It is now seven weeks since Dr. Jim and the CSC staff operated on Sokha, her neck was broken in two places. She is no longer in pain and can now be raised to a sitting position for a few minutes. We expect further improvement with exercise.

They do not own the grotty little hut with the dirt floor that they call home, they are allowed to live there rent free as they have little money. They had enough rice for three days after our last visit 2 days ago, so we gave them $10. On Tuesday the 10th May we delivered 1 bag of rice and 2 box’s of noodles. Can you help, if you can donate even a small amount it will be used to pay for food for this family. See our Choice Donations page.

 CHOICE was able to raise and donate $500 to the Childrens Surgical Center for their efforts. We thank B.Jones US, Rio Norde Germany and R. Wright Australia for donating the $500. Special thanks to Dr. Jim Gogally and the C.S.C. Hospital. Pictured from left Eric, Dr.Sokleng, Ross and Mark presenting the $500 to C.S.C.

Desperate Cambodian Family Needing Help

On Tuesday the 8th March 2011 after being asked for help CHOICE visited an extremely devastated family on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

CHOICE was contacted by Bill Jones from the US and a friend of  his Samnang who works for Phnom Penh Post. We agreed to help so Samnang took us to meet the family of  four, Sokha her son Channy, her brother Savuth and his wife  Somali. A friend allows them to live  in a little hut along with the chickens.  Channy,  a 16yo.  has had  to stop going to High School, to mind his Uncle and Mother. She fell off the back of a truck in January and suffered spinal damage.  She has lost the use of the right hand side of her body and cannot sit, she has to lie down continually, her condition may be curable with an operation.  Channy also looks after his Uncle Savuth now that his Mother cannot, the Uncle appears to have Leprosy and has lost most of his fingers and toes, he cannot walk. Somali is the only one who can work and she earns US$55 per month at a clothing factory, this does not provide enough for all their needs.

We need caring people to perhaps part sponsor or get a group together to help this family on a day to day basis as well as finance treatment for Sokha, it appears the condition of  Savuth has gone too far though he needs treatment for pain.

Friends – International Cambodia, were also contacted and are going to help the family. They have agreed to supply food and rice and depending on the recovery of Sokha, may be able to help 16yo. Channy with his education.

UPDATE: Friends have helped the family a little, most of their support is from CHOICE and our supporters. We now have the Schoonen family sponsoring the family.

CHOICE desperately need financial help to cover all the medical costs,  ALL DONATIONS WILL BE USED FOR THE MEDICAL COSTS.

UPDATE: On Monday the 14th March CHOICE contacted the CEO of the Children’s Surgical Centre, Dr. Jim Gollogly. He organized an Ambulance to take Sokha to the Children’s Surgical Centre. On Tuesday she was transferred to Calumet Hospital for X Rays and CAT Scans then back to C.S.C. The X Rays have shown that Sokha had a broken neck in two places and damaged spinal cord.

An operation was performed at C.S.C. on Wednesday 16th March. Sokha is no longer in pain, now we all wait to see the results. This may take many weeks and there will need to be extensive physiotherapy for her to gain improvement, CHOICE may provide a nurse to help with her physio and rehabilitation. Her son Channy remains at her bedside. Many thanks to Dr. Jim Gollogly and the staff of  C.S.C. for this.

CHOICE  volunteers transported Savuth on Friday the 18th of March to the Leprosy Hospital for assessment; his condition is serious and he will need at least two operations and a lot of treatment after that.

UPDATE:  On 28th March, Sokha and her son have returned back to what they call home. The good news is that Sokha can now sit to an angle of 45 degrees and most likely will gain more movement with time and exercise, we have managed to get her a wheelchair in anticipation that one day she can use it. The sad news is that only 4 people have offered to help with the medical costs. That includes myself one of the persons involved in drawing attention to this family crisis, and two of our friends. Every dollar counts  PLEASE  help us to help them by donating via our website. This money is not for CHOICE  but will be passed on to the Children’s Surgical Center so as they too can continue to help the very poor Cambodian adults and children who are either sick, injured or suffering from such things as acid attacks. We thank C.S.C. and staff so much for their help and support with Sokha and her family.

Savuth is still too scared to agree to have the operations  to improve his condition.