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West Coast Coaching USA

A massive thank you to the families and organizations that are associated with Coach Bav and West Coast Coaching from the USA. Through their generous donations and a Bake Sale organized by Madison Bankosh and the Wildcats soccer team ($500) CHOICE Cambodia will be able to provide ongoing family assistance of medical supplies, rice and education for two years for one family in desperate need.
We thank – Westside Mortgage, Mekechuk Family, Adams Family, Marte Forminio, The Halladays, Moore Family, Madison’s Grandfather, Keady Family, Wildcats Team.
Westcoast coaching

Concert & Bake Sale in USA Supporting CHOICE

Many thanks to West Coast Coaching, they have had their bake sale  in California  raising  more funds for CHOICE.  They were also involved in running a concert with the help of Laurie Bertani. It was a great success and raised around US$700, making a total of US$1710 towards the Village and a Minibus for CHOICE  (see Choice Donations). Currently CHOICE use the small water truck for transportation of Volunteers between Phnom Penh and the Village/Choice Center. The truck needs to be left at the center for 6am transportation of extra children before the 1st October 2012, and a minibus will provide more comfort and protection for Volunteers.

Left supporters of CHOICE pictured below, from USA Ylka van Bemmel Reiss, husband and Lefty, centre the concert promo, right Bav the organizer.