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Sambart Noa

Sambart Noa is a 5yo boy and was  born blind on 10/07/2009, we have placed him in  Krousar Thmey a school for the blind. His sponsorship costs are more than the others as he boards in at the school from Monday to Friday.  There are fees and transport costs to get him to and from school weekends, a long way. In order to cover these costs Sambart has more than one sponsor.

UPDATE 2016:



On 1/11/2016 the first day of school this year Vanny took him in the Minibus as there were forms and fees to pay. Sambart now 7yo has commenced his third year and doing very well at Krousar Thmey, School. His Year starts on 1st November and finishes 30th September.

During the year Sambart has been ill several times requiring visits to the Doctor.  He was a little naughty first year but has settled down now, he is very good now at school and at home on weekends.

Some quotes as he never stops talking:

“Mummy, why am I blind and the other children can see”

“I want to be a construction worker when I am older”

“I want to see just how fast the minibus is going”

“I want to look after my  Grandma and cook her meals”

“I love my school it has  better food and I love my teacher and more fun, I am the best football player”

Sambath got a new set of school uniform .


Five year old Sambart was born blind, for years now CHOICE has been supplying aid to his family. Now we have enrolled Sambart in the Krousar Thmey school for the blind. He has settled in very well and is excited and eager to learn and return after his first week.

We have to thank Thea Quin and her family and Richard Jones for sharing the costs Sambart needs in order to attend the school. He lives at the school from Monday to Friday and travels home for the weekends. At the moment costs are US$36pm for food, $60pm for transport (a 2 hour trip on a motorbike) and a couple of $$ for washing his clothes. We still continue supplying rice each month for the family in the Village. Initially we had to provide 4 school uniforms, a back pack, footwear, toiletries, other clothing and a Bike helmet. Other ongoing costs are needed to establish a birth certificate and family book as the family have none of these.DSCN3245DSCN3277DSCN3248

Sambart is 4yo and Blind.

Sambart is 4yo and from the middle village, he has been blind since birth. He shows signs of liking music in particular drumming. We decided to bring the family in for the night to allow Sambart to listen to a live Khmer band and singers for the first time. He showed keen interest, we intend to provide a pathway of assistance for him and in time it seems likely that he may choose a music career.Nick, Sambart, Mum & baby sister.

New kindergarten children and the blind boy.

Pictured are the new intake of Kindergarten children, it is expected the number will be around 45  that start pre school in October 2012. Fortunately we were able to place all 90 children aged from 6 to 16, being taught by CHOICE, into the local Governmet School. We continue to transport these 90 children to and from school as well as provide uniforms, back packs, books etc. Some 30 of these still attend the CHOICE Center for english and computer lessons.  Tad (pictured) is a regular volunteer and in charge of the Village water run. Tad takes special care of the blind boy from the middle Village. He often puts the boy in the front of the truck with him and lets the lad enjoy the ride. On this occasion Tad has brought the boy in to Sundance Inn to enjoy a dip in the pool. Well done Tad.