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Hand Knitted Baby Outfit

This dear tiny baby boy from Jasmine Village Cambodia is just 10 days old, perfect timing for a new knitted outfit as the day was cold and it was raining. As you can see Mum was delighted to see him dressed in his new outfit. One of many knitted by Scott’s mum from the Narrabeen community in Australia and donated to CHOICE Cambodia, thanks to all.

BeforeAfter being dressed.Now he needs a sleep

Latrobe University Melbourne, Australia

Each year students from Latrobe University Melbourne, Australia come to learn about Cambodian culture and meet with Cambodian University students.

This year there were two groups 21 in total, staying in Cambodia from late November to mid-December. Choice Cambodia had the pleasure of providing in country program assistants to provide some local knowledge, appreciation of humanitarian needs and a sample of the local cuisine.

It was a real pleasure, both Group 1 & 2 were keen to learn and experience the local culture. I am sure in the future many will return, pictured below are Group 1 on the walking tour and Group 2 dining out in traditional Khmer style.

GROUP 1Group 2 (1)Group 2 (2)

BEST & LESS Australia

BEST & LESS many thanks for the orange shorts. We fitted out the children at our Jasmine school and had enough left over for the others in the Village. Please note these children are among the most underprivileged kids in Cambodia. Special thanks to Jessica for caring and arranging the delivery.

Best & Less