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Welcome for the boys at their new Orphanage.

Saturday 27th Feb. 2010 CHOICE joined the staff and volunteers at an Orphanage for a welcoming lunch for the boys new house. The girls came over from their home and enjoyed a great day, about 60 people in all attended. CHOICE donated a CD/Radio player for the boys house. Isaac is pictured wearing the outfit donated to him by Ricky and June, Joshua is pictured in the spiderman outfit donated by Stacey and Alan, many thanks.

Donating School shirts at an Orphanage

These pictures show some of the smaller children at an Orphanage receiving school shirts donated by CHOICE. Many of the children at the Orphanage need replacement school uniforms. A shirt costs US$2.50, a skirt US$3.00 and shorts US$2.50, shoes $4.00. Please send us a donation as some of the kids have only one of each item and they have to wear the same clothes each day. From the prices shown above a small donation such as $10 can outfit one child.