Yeng Somnang

Introduction – 23rd November 2020

Yeng Somnang is sponsored by Jonno Smalley from Leicestershire, England at US$50 per month. Jonno is a friend of Neil Burns who sponsors Chea Kanha.

Somnang is a 7-year-old boy born in 2013 and lives in No Truck village with his parents. His father is a fishermen and his mother is a factory worker. He studies in grade 1 at Government school and Choice school. Somnang likes to play football in his free time and he wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

Somnang near his home. November 2020

Somnang in grade 1 English class. November 2020
Somnang is reading to his class. November 2020

Somnang with his best friend – November 2020

Somnang is learning the English alphabet both upper and lower case. He had learnt up to letter Hh when the school had to close again for 2 weeks due to a new covid outbreak. He will learn letter Ii when school reopens again.

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