Reaksmey Visal

Introduction – 4th February, 2022

Reaksmey Visal is sponsored by Jordan Plumridge from Brisbane, Australia at US$50 per month. Jordan came to Choice for 3 weeks in 2018 as part of a teacher training program via his university. He has now completed his university degree and is working as a full time teacher. He wishes to help Choice again, now that he is working and no longer a student himself, by sponsoring one of our young students. Many thanks Jordan. We hope you can visit Choice again one day.

Visal is a nearly 8 year old boy born in April 2014 in Prek Doung Village (close to the Choice School). He usually travels to and from Choice School on his bicycle and he always has lunch at Choice before he goes to his Khmer classes at government school. Visal is currently studying in the Choice kindergarten, as he has recently started coming to Choice and has just started to learn English so he is one of the older kids in kinder. So far he has learnt to read, write and speak letters A to M as well as sing a few English nursery rhymes.

He lives with his parents and older sister. As his family are very poor, they live on someone else’s farm and help to look after their pigs. Visal sometimes helps to wash the pigs. He would like to be a policeman when he grows up and enjoys playing football.

Reaksmey practices his writing in his class. He writes the word monkey in both English and Khmer. It’s much easier to write using English letters. As Khmer letters are more complex to write, the kids tend to find writing in English quite easy and their hand writing is often very nice and clear. 3 February, 2022
Reaksmey standing outside the Choice kinder classroom. It’s a tradition for funerals in Cambodia (Buddhism) that male relatives shave their hair (optional) when attending a family funeral so Reaksmey decided to shave his hair for his grandma’s funeral last week – 3 February, 2022