Pachem Dental Clinic Phnom Penh

Many thanks to Evelien and the Khmer staff and management of Pachem Dental Clinic. Fifteen of their dental staff donated their time to care for our people on Saturday the 23rd of November at our center in the province.
Over 100 were examined resulting in 66 treatments, 57 being children 9 adults. A total of 37 teeth were extracted; teeth were cleaned and fillings were done. Follow up work will be conducted by Dr. Evelien Hoedemaker in the coming weeks at our clinic. Our clinic has turned out to be a great success as people that turn up for medical treatment often are there for dental reasons. We can treat them immediately, these people cannot afford a visit to the dentist.


BEST & LESS Australia

BEST & LESS many thanks for the orange shorts. We fitted out the children at our Jasmine school and had enough left over for the others in the Village. Please note these children are among the most underprivileged kids in Cambodia. Special thanks to Jessica for caring and arranging the delivery.

Best & Less

Sambart is 4yo and Blind.

Sambart is 4yo and from the middle village, he has been blind since birth. He shows signs of liking music in particular drumming. We decided to bring the family in for the night to allow Sambart to listen to a live Khmer band and singers for the first time. He showed keen interest, we intend to provide a pathway of assistance for him and in time it seems likely that he may choose a music career.Nick, Sambart, Mum & baby sister.


Many thanks to Amy and the team from Wildlife Alliance for the workshop they gave to our children on the 31st October. Some 100 of our children attended, they were given a presentation on the care of animals, injured and at risk of extinction, followed by drawing and games. The workshop is to be followed up with a zoo excursion on the 13th November, thanks to Sandie Coles and and Wildlife Alliance, both helping to cover the costs on the 13th when we expect around 140 of our children to attend the zoo trip.