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Medical Clinic’s Closed

For obvious reasons CHOICE no  longer accept medical helpers or run a clinic . We take poor children and adults to licensed clinics and Hospitals when they are sick.


 Thursday, 28 May 2015; News by Khmer Times/Ban Sokrith and Phun Chan Ousaphea

PHNOM PENH (Khmer Times) – Three unlicensed medical clinics operated by Chinese nationals have been closed by authorities in Battambang’s Phnom Proek and Sampov Loun districts.

The crackdown on unlicensed premises comes after Battambang province’s HIV outbreak five months ago. Over 250 residents in the province’s Roka commune tested positive for the AIDS-causing virus.

About 2,000 people were tested for the virus after an unlicensed doctor was found to have reused syringes to give hundreds of injections.

On Wednesday, provincial authorities arrested four Chinese nationals and closed down the three clinics in Bour commune, Phnom Proek district.

Keo Sokyan, 63, from Kampong Thom province and Vann Sengheang, 32, from Kampong Speu province, were arrested when police raided their clinic, a branch of the “Cambodia Virtue Medical Association”.

Both men hold Chinese and Cambodian dual citizenship.

During the crackdown, police confiscated 40 kinds of pills, three types of needles, medical serums, medical treatment machines and other clinical equipment.

Two other clinics in the district were also shut down and two other Chinese nationals, Guo Liuana, 52, and Ma Phy, 48, taken in for questioning.

“According to an expert official, this medical service was being run without a license from the Ministry of Health,” said Sa­reth Viseth, the district deputy police chief. “Prosecutors decided to close the clinic temporarily.”

Classroom Extension

Needing to expand we asked volunteers to help add an extra room at the back of the sewing building. Tony Sheperd volunteered to build it, in memory of a friend that recently passed away, he also offered to pay for most of the work. With assistance from David, Peter, Dave and Tee the floor space was increased and built up with extra concrete. Soon the walls, doors and windows were in place. Now it needs floor coverings and electrical wiring, a job well done and thanks to all.
We intend to shift the sewing room into here and utilize the front room for our medical clinic, German classroom and hopefully install a dental chair for volunteer dentists.

Medical Clinic November 2012.

Our President and Paramedic Rudi with nurse Kunthea, running the fortnightly medical clinic at the CHOICE Center. Many are treated and severe cases are taken to major hospitals for further treatment, such as Cchan. We will be taking 15 year old Cchan to Siem Reap for a heart Operation on the 28th November. Note the new medical closet in the background.


Friday 27th July at the Shigeta Dental Clinic Phnom Penh

Here are some pictures of the Village children’s visit to the Dentist, Dr. Shigeta. We had 14 children in the minibus, and headed off to  Phnom Penh. It was very lucky for the children as it was the grand opening of the clinic, there was plenty of finger food and fruit to be enjoyed. After eating as much as possible the children were given a toothbrush each, brushed their teeth then had their details recorded and then an oral examination. More dental work will follow, many thanks to Dr. Shigeta and staff for their support.


If you have been following our posts you will be sad to hear that one of the baby twins has died. CHOICE had received verbal support and empty promises from several people for Formulae Milk Powder, only one person came forward with a generous donation, Hamish Mckinlay and that was very much appreciated. Our resources are stretched to the limit, “we cannot feed babies with empty promises”. A 1kg tin costs around $10 and a baby will consume  over 2 tins per month, please donate for one or more tins get others to pitch in with you and tag your donation ” Baby food”.  If you are in Phnom Penh you can come with us on the trip and hand it over yourself.  Lets hope the next update regarding the remaining twins is a happy one.

Update: Hamish Mckinlay has donated US$360.00 for the babies formulae milk powder to add to his previous donation of US$180.00 for them, “Thanks Hamish”. Others have now come forward Julie & Colin Werrett have asked that AUD$100 of their donation is for the milk also the “Gentlemen’s Poker League” from Melbourne are supporting the babies and Krystle Haughney (EUR 82.00)  from Europe. Thank you all for your support, we have enough funding now for these lovely babies, watch this  site for picture and updates.

28th November: Added at the lower right are some pictures taken on the village trip on Sunday the 28th November of the twins and the surviving twin baby. They are pictured with mum receiving their regular supply of Formulae milk, all appear to be healthy now.

Village Trip 23rd May 2010

Choice Cambodia A most enjoyable day again, Rudy and our new Khmer nurse Kunthea were very busy again, they removed the stitches from the man recently taken to Hospital, the wound has healed well and he is fine. Thanks to the many volunteers as well we had the company of 4 women from Taiwan and 1 from China, they supplied 300 pair of pants to the children as well as giving us 180 packets of noodles to add to the food supplies we handed out. Thanks to Rosa an English speaking Khmer who joined the translating team. Melanie once again did finger painting with the chidren in the 1st village this time, the children loved it as did the volunteer helpers who joined in, one village left to go Melanie. Thanks to Ben for the rice and to all the Volunteers that helped us this weekend.

Clinic and finger painting

Choice Cambodia Friday 14th May and another clinic this time in the middle village. Dr. Mark in the foreground and Rudy, also before and after the operation photo’s, showing the leg of the villager transported to Hospital on 9th May. Meanwhile entertaining the children is Melanie, who by the way had more paint on herself than all the other children put together. another great day.

Angela, Dr. Mark and Rudy

Medical Clinic and delivery of supplies

Choice Cambodia On Sunday the 9th of May 2010 we headed off to the furthest of our Villages with a medical team consisting of 2 American Doctors Emily and Mark, our Paramedic Rudy and 2 Khmer nurses. Also on board as volunteers were their partners and/or friends, James, Jane, Becky, Diana, Isaac, Dayna, Lisa, and David plus our regulars.
The medical crew set up and saw to all those needing attention as well as those we had selected on previous visits needing special attention.
Meanwhile the Volunteers distributed 80 Mosquito nets, 80 prepacked foodbags, 75 pair of Flip Flops donated by Diana and the Jones’s and around 300 clothing items donated by Lisa, we thank you very much for these. As well CHOICE would like to give a big thank you to Harvest Fellowship, Mark & Jane Truax for their very generous donation.
Most of the Villagers received minor treatment but one serious case was transported back with us to the hospital and given money by us for an operation to remove a large growth on his leg, we will follow up on his progress. “Blind man” will have a cataract operation in one eye in the near future, the other eye has been blinded by a bullet wound. Nothing else can be done for the young girl who’s eye was attacked by a chicken.
It was a very hard and long day but we were all pleased with the results.

We had purchased another 100 of the treated Mosquito nets, 20 were given to the Orphanage the remaining 80 mentioned above were handed out at the Village, a total of 200 have now been handed out at the Village, we need to do 100 more then each hut will have received 2 nets per family.

Medical Clinic near Svay Rieng

 On Thursday 6th May we were invited by the Orphanage to join them on a medical clinic. After a 4 hour journey from Phnom Penh we arrived at a remote farming village about 1 hour south of Svay Rieng and close to the Vietnam boarder.  Rudy (CHOICE Paramedic) and Mark an American Doctor began their examination and treatment of the many who had gathered. Some 5 hours later and no less than 115 patients, they had finally finished. Fortunately there were no serious cases so the exhausted team began the long trip back to Phnom Penh, finally arriving at Chivas Shack at 11.30pm.