Medical Clinic and delivery of supplies

Choice Cambodia On Sunday the 9th of May 2010 we headed off to the furthest of our Villages with a medical team consisting of 2 American Doctors Emily and Mark, our Paramedic Rudy and 2 Khmer nurses. Also on board as volunteers were their partners and/or friends, James, Jane, Becky, Diana, Isaac, Dayna, Lisa, and David plus our regulars.
The medical crew set up and saw to all those needing attention as well as those we had selected on previous visits needing special attention.
Meanwhile the Volunteers distributed 80 Mosquito nets, 80 prepacked foodbags, 75 pair of Flip Flops donated by Diana and the Jones’s and around 300 clothing items donated by Lisa, we thank you very much for these. As well CHOICE would like to give a big thank you to Harvest Fellowship, Mark & Jane Truax for their very generous donation.
Most of the Villagers received minor treatment but one serious case was transported back with us to the hospital and given money by us for an operation to remove a large growth on his leg, we will follow up on his progress. “Blind man” will have a cataract operation in one eye in the near future, the other eye has been blinded by a bullet wound. Nothing else can be done for the young girl who’s eye was attacked by a chicken.
It was a very hard and long day but we were all pleased with the results.

We had purchased another 100 of the treated Mosquito nets, 20 were given to the Orphanage the remaining 80 mentioned above were handed out at the Village, a total of 200 have now been handed out at the Village, we need to do 100 more then each hut will have received 2 nets per family.