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Our New Kitchen

Many thanks to the various Rotary Clubs that have helped fund the new Kitchen through the efforts of Don Rosenfeldt. Don sought the help of Pin, Joe, Bob, CHOICE Staff and some mates. The old kitchen did fall over, ( see the first picture ) so timely was the new kitchen. The cost was as expected (around $1,500) with some savings in costs from donations of cupboards and sinks etc.from Northbridge School and the savings with free labor and welding.

Its a spacious Kitchen 7m x 6m fully insulated and designed as to the needs of the Kitchen staff with plenty of ventilation and room for the staff to eat in as well. We can relax a little now knowing that meals can continue, many thanks to all involved.

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For the last year or so we have had no students interested in taking on Hairdressing as a career. We have been using the CHOICE Salon as a storage room, now we need more classroom space because the children get wet in the outside classrooms in the wet season. Many thanks to Leanne, Joy, Michelle and her children Georgia and Connor. Having received more school furniture from Northbridge School the group have worked in the salon to convert it to a library which will double up as a classroom and craft room. Thanks to Jackie and Suzette who originally created the Salon. I know they won’t mind and it can always be converted back to a salon if needed. We really are desperate for the dry space it offers.
We will also receive another 20 pushbikes from “Bikes 4 Life” next week thanks again to Leanne Balkin. Leanne will also try to get both Khmer and English books to fill the Library.



Thanks once again to Northbridge University. Just as we had to remove some of our old playground equipment which was falling apart due to rust, we were lucky to be offered the chance to remove and keep some of the outdated playground at Northbridge. It only took us 3 hours to remove, but around 3 days to rebuild it at our center. Our children love it. The playground we call “Crystal Park” is named after Leanne Balkin’s daughter. It’s now so popular in the neighborhood children are being brought to play by their mums.


Thanks to Northbridge University

Many thanks to Northbridge University for donating student desks, chairs, bookshelves, pin boards etc, no longer needed by the University. Much needed by us as we are moving to a new classroom (for 24 students) in the sewing room building for the coming wet season, our children would get wet in the outside tarpaulin huts. These are the first desks we have ever had for the children, Vanny is so happy to have a real classroom.

Ross Wright's photo.