The Latest News on Sokha 8th December 2011

Many of you will have followed the story about Sokha and her 16yo son Channy. For those who havn’t, Sokha 53, fell off a moving truck in January 2011 and broke her neck in two places. CHOICE arranged and paid for an operation for her then followed this up with physio treatment. She has been at the Physio center for for more than 6 months, CHOICE have been seeing her twice a week bringing essential items, as well as caring for her brother at the hut, he has severe Leprosy. Channy quit school to care for his mum. In order for Channy to begin a normal school life again next year, CHOICE have been preparing an area next to the hut where Sokha can continue with her daily physio exercise. Sokha has come a long way, from being paralized to now being able to walk with the aid of a hand rail. We intend to build an adjoining bedroom on the same level so there will be no obsticles in her way. Financial help from  sponsors have enabled us to do the work, many thanks to Ad & Monique Schoonen and all the others. If you can help CHOICE do more work like this and help others please donate on our website.