First Village Trip for 2011

On Sunday the 2nd January we headed off with our supplies including the remaining 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China. We also had several box’s of clothes from the CANON team and baby clothes donated by Ronnie & Navee to deliver. The baby taken to the Hospital on the 19th December appears to have recovered well and her parents are very happy. Three more tins of baby food were handed out. The Villagers at Cancerman Village (about 150 people) have a problem with one of the two pump wells in their village, the part above the ground has corroded through, they do not have the funds US$25 to fix it. After some discussion with the elders CHOICE gave them the US$25 to have it repaired, we will inspect it next trip. Thanks to all the Volunteers.