Village Trip 19th Decamber 2010

Another Very sick Baby: A one month old baby girl was brought by her mother to the medical clinic for treatment. She had a very large weeping abscess on the back of her head, the abscess appeared 2 days after birth; Rudy decided the baby needed urgent Hospitalization so we asked the mother and father to bring her with us in the truck back to Phnom Penh. We gave the parents US$10 and nurse Kunthea took them to the Kuntha Bohpa Children’s Hospital. Kunthea managed to speak to a doctor who immediately admitted the baby and mother, this was a lucky break  as it is usual to have to queue up overnight and wait to be seen on the Monday.

On Monday the baby underwent surgery and the abscess was removed, we are told the operation went well and after a few days recovery the family will return to the village. We will monitor the babies progress as it has been a very serious illness and dangerous operation and it will not be known for quite some time whether the baby is completely cured. During their stay in Hospital CHOICE has taken the family meals from the “soup kitchen” and a supply of donated baby clothes and towels, we also paid for their evening meals.

While the medical clinic was in progress the volunteers had a very busy day handing out the normal food supplies and clothing donated by our CANON friends from Malaysia. At Jasmine village an extra 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China was handed out (there is another 25 for next trip). We also supplied another 3 tins of baby formulae, erected a Tarpaulin over the leaking roof of the blind babies hut and handed out photo’s  taken by past volunteer Rhonda. Rudy also checked the health of the other babies previously sent to the hospital for treatment, all are well. More pic’s in Photo Gallery.