Recent News

Sokha and her family are slowly recovering after the tragic accident in which Sokha broke her neck in two places.

Shown top left is Leanne Balkin presenting Channy with education material in an attempt to keep him up to date with his school work until he can resume. Items given included books, calculator, pencils etc. We are supplying Sokha and her family on a regular basis with rice and fruit and vegetables, other essentials such as soap and toothpaste, plus medical aid and Multi-Vitamins for Sokha.

On a recent trip to visit the family we were accompanied by Ad & Monique Schoonen and their foster daughter Lyn pictured top center. Deeply effected by what they saw they have decided to sponsor the the family by donating $100 per month through CHOICE. This is great news for all concerned, as well CHOICE have been seeking support from other organizations for help. We went to Veterans International Cambodia and met with the manager Rithy Keo, he agreed to help. He sent the V.I.C. technical team to assess Sokha and her prognosis is good, they will now help her to rehabilitate her. So CHOICE have taken Sokha and Channy to the V.I.C. center where they will live in while physiotherapy is carried out. We will continue with visits every 2 – 3 days and give Sokha and Channy money for food and any other support needed. Pictured below on the 21st June, is the journey back to C.S.C. for a medical check by Dr. Jim  and then to V.I.C. for the physiotherapy.

On recent village trips we have delivered over 550 clothing items from baby wear through to adult sizes. Many people have donated the clothes including Wan, Christy & friends of V Hair & Beauty Maroochydore Qld. Leanne Balkin, Chris Dickeson, both Aussies, Sandra and Lisa from Hong Kong, Melanie Edelson and a few others, many thanks to you all.


Again thanks to Leanne Balkin, Dylane Hubbard, Sarah Crook and West Coast Coaching girls soccer team the “Wildcats” from the US for their help in setting up and/or financing the two education centers in 2 of the Villages. There are over 100 children now receiving full time education in Khmer, see the photos of the two classes.