Village Trip 13th November 2011

We decided to revisit the baby girl that Rudi helped deliver last week. We brought along some new baby clothes to give her, donated by Jayne Turton. Among our volunteers was a nurse, Jackie from the UK. When we got to the hut it was empty, Mum and family had moved up to a relatives hut as the mother was very sick and baby not well either. We decided to bring Mum and the baby back to P/Penh with us for treatment. Jackie has been volunteering in a clinic here for a month, so we decided to take them to that clinic. An ultra scan showed infection in the breast area so an antibiotic course has been initiated. Both Mum and baby were kept overnight and monitored, both much improved in the morning they were taken back to the Village by Ratana the Khmer helper for CHOICE. The volunteers were great, they provided the food for Mum, Jackie personally paid for the costs involved with the clinic’s medicine and treatment. It is rewarding for us at CHOICE when we have the support from visiting volunteers like this, where there is a real need. The bracelet making and drawing program was great, the kids loved it as they don’t often get to do this. Thanks to all the volunteers on this day you were all great.

The black charcoal cross on the babies forehead is to scare away the evil spirits that want to take the baby away.